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By Robin N. Kendall

October 6, 2020 (Lakeside) -- A diverse slate of candidates is running for office at the Lakeside Union School Board. There are five candidates on the ballot and residents may vote for two new trustees. The candidates are: Ginny Whitt Bell, Stacy K. Coble, Lara Hoefer Moir, Charles Plante, and Rhonda Taylor.

The ballot lists the occupations of the candidates as Bell (Administrative Secretary), Coble (Retired HR Director), Hoefer Moir (Business Manager/Parent), Plante (Chiropractor), and Taylor (Elementary School Principal.) 
The newly elected trustees will fill the seats vacated by John Butz and Dr. Rhonda Taylor, whose terms have expired. 
According to the Lakeside Union School District website, “There are 11 schools within this nearly 75 square mile suburban/rural district serving approximately 5,000 students in grades K-12.  The district consists of seven elementary schools (K-5), two middle schools (grades 6-8), a charter K-8 and a charter high school. There are three preschools, an infant/preschool special education program and before and after school childcare programs available.
In an effort to cover as many of the region’s school board races as possible, ECM sent emails and reminders to candidates in East County who listed their email address with the County Registrar of Voters. From Lakeside we received a response only from Lara Hoefer Moir and have included it below.  
Lara Hoefer Moir, candidate for Lakeside School Board
Biography: in her ballot statement, Lara Hoefer Moir says she has lived in Lakeside for over a decade. It’s where she raised her family and worked in her family business. She’s running for the Lakeside Union School District Board of Trustees because she believes in bringing a new viewpoint to the board. 
Hoefer Moir is the mother of four children and has sent her children to school in Lakeside. She says, “They’ve received a quality education from programs including Performing Arts, Project Lead the Way, Agriculture and Special Education.”
She believes students don’t learn in a box and has seen firsthand where the district is successful and where the district can improve educational outcomes for our students. She wants students to be prepared for careers and college. She says, she’ll work to enhance career opportunities for students.
“Children learn best when they’re in the classroom. We must work hard to reopen schools,’ she said. She believes we need to focus on providing all our students and teachers the resources needed to succeed in and out of the classroom. 
In addition, she added, “Financial stability is important. Balancing the budget and enhancing academic programs are her priorities.” She wants to ensure that our children get the same rigorous and quality education her children received in Lakeside schools.
Hoefer Moir’s answers to ECM’s questions: 
1.  What are the most significant current challenges facing education in this community? How can the school board address these challenges?
A huge challenge facing education everywhere is how to best serve the students and families moving forward during and after the pandemic. Our families in Lakeside have voiced their desire to have their students return back to in person learning. Every community and school district has its own culture and it’s important that we listen to these families and communities and support their specific needs. To be able to support their needs, one of our focuses needs to be on creating financial stability within the district. We need to balance our budget so that we can offer students the quality education that they deserve.
2.  What motivates you to want to serve on the school board? Were there experiences in your education or career that sparked you to do this?
What motivates me most to want to serve as a Trustee for the Lakeside Union School District are my children. As a single parent of four children, I have seen firsthand the programs that have helped them be successful but also those that could use improvement in serving the students. Not everyone learns the same and we need to make sure we are giving all students the chance to succeed.
4.  Who has endorsed your candidacy?
The Republican Party of San Diego County; Carl DeMaio; Andrew Hayes – Lakeside Union School District, Trustee; Frank Hilliker – Lakeside Water District, Director; Eileen Neumeister – Lakeside Water District, Director; John Neumeister – Lakeside Community Planning Group
5.  What is your vision for education in this community? 
It is so important that everyone gets the same opportunity for a great education. Lakeside as a whole has been doing a great job at this but there is always room for improvement. One of these areas is in special education. Each year more children enter into special education and we need to be able grow with them. Some of these students are not getting the support and education that they deserve. I am the parent of an autistic child and I’ve seen firsthand where we can do better as a district. It would be my hope that over the next few years we can enhance our special education department so that every student has their opportunity to succeed.