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Event March 19-20 will feature variety of works from nearly 100 artists

By Tatiana Martinez

February 23, 2016 (San Diego) - At a simple glance, there appears to be nothing in common between a biologist from Ensenada and a woman who survived breast cancer. However, their work reveals a common thread – a passion for their individual causes. They are among the nearly 100 Latin American artists selected to present their works in the second edition of the Latin American Art Festival, March 19 and 20, at NTC Liberty Station in San Diego.

Nina Luna, from Riverside, Calif., decided to become an artist and express on a woman’s torso her fight against breast cancer.  She was declared cancer-free in February of 2014 and decided to reflect in her art that nothing is impossible and re-birth can come from a crisis.

Alfredo Zavala, well-known biologist from Ensenada, decided to express through art his personal campaign to conserve the environment. He set aside his work in science, opting to use his art to raise awareness of the need to protect the planet.

For her part, Verónica Villareal, who will travel Mexico City, aims to persuade the art collectors that it’s possible to improve the quality of life of many animals and to halt their extinction.

These are just three individuals who are part of nearly 100 artists and artisans from Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia and from various points in Mexico and the United States who will be participating Latin American Art Festival. It’s the only event in Southern California to exclusively showcase works from Latin America.  

Admission is free to the festival, which brings together artists, collectors, gallery owners and museum staff, all interested in expanding their Latin American collections.  

The festival also will offer fine foods from Baja California, under the leadership of chef Javier Plascencia, owner of renowned restaurants in Tijuana and San Diego, as well as chefs Iker Castillo and Elsa Fernanda Flores de Dolce Salato, the fine dessert restaurant in Tijuana.

The Latin American Art Festival will be held March 19 and 20, from 12 to 5 p.m. at NTC Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, San Diego, CA 92106. Information is available at and on Facebook: Latin American Art Festival.