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East County News Service

July 24, 2016 (Los Angeles) - Lions Tigers & Bears, an Alpine-based nonprofit rescue organization, is helping with fire evacuation efforts at Wildlife Waystation, a non-profit animal sanctuary located in East Los Angeles County,  The Wildlife Waystation is home to over 400 animals of varying  species—from exotic birds and monkeys to lions, tigers, bears and over 40 chimpanzees.

Emergency evacuation efforts at Wildlife Waystation started yesterday as the Santa Clarita fire AKA the Sand Fire whipped through the area at an alarming rate.  The fire has now charred over 3,000 acres.

The Sand Fire broke out on Friday afternoon, and spread to over 3,000 acres by the evening hours. The Sand Fire was 1/2 a mile away from Wildlife Way Station and officials reported it was 0% contained when Lions, Tigers & Bears left San Diego.  As of Sunday, Wildlife Waystation posted on its Facebook page that the facility now appears safe—after many animals were evacuated.

Lions Tigers & Bears' rescue team loaded up its rescue hauler and an additional horse trailer with transport cages and carrier crates, emergency capture drugs/equipment, water, IV fluids, first aid and medical supplies as well as a stockpile of emergency fire evacuation equipment (fire masks, boots, gloves, goggles) to help the Wildlife Waystation get their animals to safety.

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center and PETA also helped with evacuation efforts.

You can help by making an emergency donation to replenish and purchase additional supplies for this massive evacuation effort  by clicking here. Please include "fire" in the donation note field.

What Does it Take to Evacuate Big Cats & Bears During a Fire Emergency?

Being prepared is the first step in a smooth and safe evacuation. Transport cages are the "working horse" and lifeline at LTB’s sanctuary if an emergency disaster like a fire strikes.

Because a lion is NOT your typical house cat, you can't just load them up in a carrier crate and be on your way. Instead, LTB uses transport cages to safely contain our big cats and bears.

These transport cages are custom designed and include safety bars, a stationary water dish and even a "feed shoot" to drop diets into the cage. The transport cages are on wheels so we can easily roll the cage from the habitat to our rescue hauler. 

Transport cages are integral to the day to day care of our animals as well as when an emergency strikes. They cost around $6,000 apiece to build.