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Review by Kathy Carpenter

Associate Reviewer

Freelance Writer Splash Magazine

October  12, 2017 - (El Cajon) - Love. Sex, and the I.R.S. are topics we all think about a lot--however, most likely not laugh at. This play reminded me of a long episode of the television show "Love American Style," an early ‘70s show. It’s ridiculous and funny.

I was surprised when I read director Brian Rickle's notes to find he actually used situation comedies from the ‘70s as inspiration. He nailed it!

The set up is a bachelor's apartment in New York City in 1983. One roommate is cheating on another with the woman he is going to marry in two weeks. The cheaters are looking for a way to tell him. Enter the cheated upon, who tells them in order to save money, he told the I.R.S. his roommate, Leslie, was his wife. Now the I.R.S. is paying them a visit. Let the fun issue.  The play is kind of a farce, with lots of misunderstandings, comings, and goings.

Two actors kind of steal the show. Elaine'a Pigg as Viviian Trachtman, mother of Jon the fiancée has perfect comedy timing. Also Kian Kline Chilton, as the I.R.S. guy, is incredibly funny. Andrew Dawood played Leslie. a tough role, but he aced it. Ashley Carter played Kate, the female part of the threesome, doing a great job. Isai Moises Luna portrayed Jon, pulling off  the straight man role. Muhammed Alaniwas the perfect ‘70s landlord type; Alyssa Salacupas played Connie, and Avery Rudmon was Mr. Grunion.

Opening night fell a little short of filling the seats. If you want to laugh at some silly old school television-like comedy (and who doesn't love those old shows?)  make some time to support the Arts.

Exciting news for Grossmont College:  they will break ground on October 27th on a new performing arts complex, with a 300 seat theatre.

By William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

Directed by Brian Rickel

Oct. 5,6,7,12,13,14 at 7:30pm

Oct. 7 & 14 at 2:00pm


Box office 619-644-7234

Coming up next: American Classic, Bus Stop by William Inge

November 30 - December 9, 2017.

Stagehouse Theatre

Grossmont College