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Review by Julian Rudd-Falls

La Mesa Bistro and Bakery,  8697 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa   

January 25, 2014 (La Mesa) -- La Mesa Bistro and Bakery has a diverse menu of tasty foods.  Serving breakfast and lunch, this Bistro and Bakery is perfect for anyone look for a good dine-in.

 Upon entering La Mesa Bistro and Bakery, I noticed it has an extremely long list of specials near the entrance. I grabbed a menu from next to the register, and stepped into line. Although I had two or three people ahead of me, I wasn’t truly sure I would be able to browse their very large menu in time to choose a food I’d like to eat! Depending on what mood you’re in, their menu offers dishes from burgers and waffles to healthful fruit smoothies.

Although I had the option to sit ion the outside patio, I sat inside next to a beautiful mural on the wall, depicting scenes in La Mesa.

 I decided to immerse myself in the luxury of dinning at a restaurant that offers such a diverse selection of food. So, I ordered a “Guacamole Club” sandwich from the “Hot off the Grill” section of the menu, and a ”Nirvana Nectar” from the “Smoothies” section (which consisted of boysenberries, ginseng, protein powder, vitamin C, and other fruits.) The food came surprisingly fast for the quantity I ordered, and the waitress was polite and not too over-bearing.

As I indulged in my “Guacamole Club” and tasty side of fries, I lost myself in the abundance of rich and savory flavors. In between bites, I sipped on my “Nirvana Nectar,” which turned out to extremely tasty. It seemed to combine the right amount of fruit to provide a natural sweat taste that perfectly satisfied my taste buds, while balancing out my robust burger.

After finishing my meal, I asked my two companions what they thought of their entrees. Not surprisingly, they agreed with my sentiments completely. One of them ordered the “Popeye Omelet” which was packed with plenty of cheese along with veggies including spinach. The other one savored the “Philadelphia Style Steak.” He commented on the plus sized portions, which were generous for the very affordable prices. 

La Mesa Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch daily, though alas, not dinner.

All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about the La Mesa Bistro and Bakery. With a welcoming environment, a seemingly pleasant staff, and an extremely well balanced menu, which satisfies the burger goer or the vegetarian, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone with an appetite.