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By Miriam Raftery

February 8, 2019 (San Diego’s East County) – Light rain is possible late tonight through the weekend and Monday. While Tuesday should be clear, another “atmospheric river” will arrive Wednesday through Friday, bringing heavy rains, says National Weather Service forecaster James Brotherton.  Moderate to major flooding could occur Wednesday and Thursday, with minor flooding earlier in the week in some areas.

Several inches of snow are possible above 3,500 feet.


Questionable future water supply for sure

'Reclaimed water' (aka treated sewage) has been done for quite a number of years in other countries due to necessity mostly, but I wonder if a huge mistake is indeed being made which may not become obvious for generations. Birth defects, cancers, etc. and I read that pharmaceuticals cannot be removed from treated water due to their extremely small micron size. That alone suggests to me that there could be a disaster in the making for humans. Scientists are already finding issues in the creatures relying on the water coming from highly treated effluent. Then of course there's always a possibility of "human error"... Santee uses reclaimed water using purple pipes, but for irrigation only - with a warning that it's not for human consumption.

Toilet to Tap

The technology is proven but mistakes have been made. The Otay Water District cross connected potable and reclaimed water lines in Otay Ranch that serviced a shopping center. I teased my friend who worked for Otay that the water tasted purple. The reclaim pipes were purple.

There are concerns that pharmacuticals can pass through the treatment too.

There has been over one inch of rain at my house.


Rain - got to love it!

A bountiful year for rainfall so far. Let's not waste this precious, natural resource. Soon enough we'll all probably be drinking 'recycled water' (highly treated sewage) with unknown, long term consequences on human health, thanks to years of consumer's wasting it, and water recycling programs put into forward motion by our leaders with no real public opinion or vote. No, I'm not okay with putting this treated effluent (added to aquifers) into my body.