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Source: County News Service

November 3, 2014 (San Diego) – Last week, the first ever yellow-fever mosquitos, Aedes Aegypti, were found in our county at Naval Base San Diego.  Now County health officials report they have found two more of the yellow fever mosquitoes in Chula Vista after a resident reported being bitten by small, black, white-striped mosquitoes during the daytime in his home. The mosquitoes were found in his residence.

County vector control officials are setting traps and again urging people to empty standing water inside and outside their homes to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

The tropical diseases that the mosquito is best known for carrying are rarely seen here: yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue fever. There have been no cases of yellow fever in recent memory, two cases of chikungunya this year and roughly a dozen cases of dengue fever in the past two yearsw brought in by returning travelers.

The mosquito, which is commonly found on the East Coast, started appearing in California in 2013.

Elizabeth Pozzebon, director of the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, repeated the call she made earlier this week, asking the public to help.

“We’re asking people to look for, and to eliminate or report any standing water that could be mosquito-breeding grounds,” Pozzebon said, “Not only outside their homes, but inside as well, because these small mosquitoes like to breed indoors.”

You can report green swimming pools or other standing water sources to the County’s Vector Control Program at (858) 694-2888 or

For more information about County Vector Control, go to the program’s website.