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Watch a video of the trail opening ceremony here:.


By Billy Ortiz


February 23, 2011 (Lakeside) -- Supervisor Dianne Jacob, other County officials and around 100 local residents were on hand for the opening ceremony of a new trail in Lakeside yesterday. Jacob said she was delighted to be standing at the foot of “East County's landmark,” El Cajon Mountain, also known as El Capitan. “For a long time, the community has wanted safe, official access to the beautiful El Monte Valley,” she observed.


Whether you ride a bike or horse, walk or jog you'll enjoy this new two-mile path, which joins El Monte Valley to Blossom Valley.


There is a 1.5 acre staging area that accommodates horse trailers and passenger vehicles, located directly across from El Monte Park. The trail has not yet been named—and the public is invited to submit suggestions.

The trail offers a grand view of the 2200-plus foot shear-faced mountain named for its resemblance to El Capitan in Yosemite. Alongside the mountain is El Capitan Reservoir, which is almost at full capacity. From higher up on the trail, there is also a view of a snow-covered Cuyamaca Mountain. To the west is the grand view of El Monte Valley, a place that not too long ago, the Kumeyaay Indian nation called home.


A piece of history also lies at the first saddle of the trail. In the late 1800s The San Diego Flume Company installed a waterway to supply San Diego with fresh water from the local mountains. One of the tunnels that was necessary to keep the water flowing downhill is easily accessed, although no entry inside the tunnel is not allowed, though it’s fun to imagine water flowing through the tunnel.


This trail is definitely one you want to hike now or early spring or even in the cool days of summer. No matter when you hike the trail, it is always a beautiful view.


Watch a video of the trail opening ceremony here:.


Supervisor Jacob also took the opportunity to talk about the Sunrise Powerlink and the problems it will create if and when it goes in through El Monte Valley and on the face of El Capitan  Mountain. Click on this link to view her comments on the Sunrise Powerlink:



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