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by Mayan Avitable

January 20, 2012 (La Mesa) -- So many people now have one of the forms of the Kindle by Amazon. Some of the Kindles do more than others, but all of them have a book-reading function.  Many readers have been finding that books are very expensive through ordinary sources.  However, there are many sites online that offer free  books for download. 


Amazon itself offers many free books to read. One of the popular sections of Amazon's Kindle Store contains thousands of Kindle popular classics.  Each classic can be downloaded in less than a minute. There are also more than 45,000 free books  of all kinds to download on Amazon. Amazon also has a lending library that requires a prime membership.

Another source of free books is  It is a non-profit source dedicated to offer access to historical collections. There are over 2.5 million free books offered on this site. To make the books here available to your Kindle, connect your computer and your Kindle using the USB port, and drag the file to your Kindle.

The website is another source of free books. The site also has many resources like accessories and bargain books for Kindles and other ebooks.

Open Library contains 1,011,817 ebooks.  Make sure to check only to show the ebooks, and send to Kindle to download books. This site also has a library section that allows the reader to borrow ebooks.

Project Gutenberg is one of the first sites to makes books available online. There, look for books by topic, look for the ebook section, and download via your USB port.

Other sources for  Kindle books include:  Many Books  has more than 26,000 titles you can download using your USB port; Free ebooks  offers free books for Kindle using the mobi  format when downloading (This site even has quite a few books  in Spanish); and Free Book Spot  that offers a catalog of many books in various languages in addition to an extensive collection in English.
If you start with the sites in this article, you will probably find enough free books to read. However, if you want more -- you can use a search engine to find others.