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Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers™ is asking consumers to
purchase a real “certified green” Christmas tree this holiday season
for the following reasons:

  • Artificial Christmas Trees were recently added to the Center for Health,
    Environment & Justice's list of household products containing polyvinyl
    chloride, or PVC
  • Real Christmas trees are natural products of the U.S., contributing to
    the nation’s economy
  • Real Christmas trees decompose rather than accumulating in landfills for
    hundreds of years or emitting toxic chemicals when burned, like artificial
  • Real Christmas trees take pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air to
    produce fresh, free oxygen for us to breathe
  • Real Christmas trees are harvested like any other farm crop, and for every
    tree that is cut, one to two are planted in its place
  • Real Christmas trees are the better choice for the economy and for the

The Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers is a non-profit organization
whose mission is to heighten the public’s awareness of live cut trees,
as well as to certify that members’ trees are grown in a “green” responsible
way. The certification is audited by an independent party, which evaluates
growers on erosion control/soil conservation, integrated pest management and
tributary protection. For additional information visit please www.christmastreecoalition.org.