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East County News Service

October 28, 2020 (San Diego)- - The reading public, starved for material in which technology is integral to the story, can now turn to Orofino Press LLC to fulfill their desires.  Orofino Press LLC's fiction focuses on mystery and young adult genres.  Non-fiction focuses on history and travel.  All transport the reader to the new and novel.

Technology to Orofino Press LLC extends far beyond computer science.  Examples include robotic gold refining, forensic accounting criminal detection, overhead cranes, energy maneuverability theory, and dissolvable substrate micro-electronics.  These, and other, technologies exist but may be unknown to the general public.  

Orofino Press LLC is a full service publisher.  To date it has published works by it founder, Don Lake of San Diego, but the company aspires to work with “excellent story tellers” who are “well-grounded in a technology,” according to Orofino’s press release.

The San Diego based Orofino Press LLC team aides and supports its authors throughout the rest of the successful publishing process.  All Orofino Press LLC's books are available in print and electronic form.

“Orofino Press LLC continually seeks authors who meet our standards,” says Lake.  He holds an engineering degree from the University of California Santa Barbara and worked in the micro-electronics field, with a specialty in electro-optics.  Lake has published numerous technical articles and several books.

For more information, visit www.orofinopressllc.com and www.dlakewriter.com