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February 22, 2014 (San Diego’s East County) – A multi-agency probation sweep in East County conducted on Friday, February 21 resulted in 17 arrests.

Deputies and officers visited probationers in Santee, Lakeside and El Cajon to see if they were following the conditions of their release, also working with Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Enforcement at San Diego Trolley stations in the area to conduct compliance checks on passengers.

This operation is part of the Regional Realignment Response Group. The goal is to track known offenders and their associates. Deputies then tie that information to actual crimes and devote resources to address safety issues in our neighborhoods

Realignment went into effect in 2011, in response to a federal court order for California to reduce overcrowding in its prisons. It shifts responsibility for non-violent criminals from the state to local level by sending some offenders to county jails instead of prisons.

The San Diego Sheriff worked with the following agencies: La Mesa Police, San Diego Police, and the Metropolitan Transit System Enforcement. 

The following were arrested during the probation sweep:

 Rebecca Bashaw 10/18/77 Warrant

 Reyna Doerr 10/27/71 Possession of a controlled substance, under the influence of a controlled substance and child endangerment

 Marco Gaona 8/24/76 Obstruction of justice

 Steven Hopkins 10/30/68 Warrant

 Phillip Johnson 11/17/84 Under the influence of a controlled substance and narcotics paraphernalia

 Max Leonard 8/22/57 Warrant

 Dennis Miljour 10/28/64 Warrant

 Erik Nemec 11/9/88 Multiple warrants

 Nathan Raaka 8/1/78 Unlicensed driver

 Javier Rodriguez 6/24/85 Probation violation

 Mark Smithson 6/9/77 Narcotics and possession of a controlled substance

 Anthony Sotelo 7/17/78 Narcotics and probation violation

 David Walker 3/9/66 Arrested for two separate cases: probation violation and restraining order violation

 Rico Welch 1/14/94 Obstruction of justice and probation violation

 Arthur Whitney 10/25/61 Warrant

 John Wayne Young 10/21/80 Warrant