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By Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

June 13, 2018 (Ramona and San Diego) -- “I’ve seen people start with a Star Wars T-shirt and a tie,” said Steve “Captain” Kirk.  Kirk is a Ramona resident, and the creator of the inaugural InterGalactiCon, a fandom based con, that will be held this weekend, starting June 15-16, at San Diego’s Town and Country Hotel San Diego in Mission Valley.

Part of the InterGalactiCon will feature a Cosplay contest, a chance for new Cosplay enthusiasts to try out their first costume.

For those who have only heard about Cosplay, or costume play, this event may very well be a great place to start having fun dressing up in a “super charged Halloween type costume” and either competing in a Cosplay contest or just walking around dressed as a character from a movie, TV show, comic book, or a myriad of other costume-based figures.

 Plus, Kirk noted, “You can have an actual conversation with a celebrity.” Those celebrities include Colin Cantwell, creator of the Death Star and many other original Star Wars’ vehicles. Additionally, there will be a reunion of the TV show Eureka cast. 

 “You will feel that chemistry between them,” said Kirk. “If you show a kid a picture of Colin Ferguson they might say `The Maytag Guy.’”  While many might have a different starting off spot of who Ferguson is, he is known for playing Sheriff Jack Carter on the Syfy series Eureka.

A Star Wars vehicle that “jumps out to me was a X-wing fighter,” said Kirk, commenting on one of Cantwell’s creations.  “My uncle wood-carved a X-wing fighter for me,” he reminisced.

The keynote speaker will be Hollywood actress Claudia Christian.  Christian played Commander Susan Ivanova in the TV series Babylon 5.

“No telling where the speakers will take their presentations, but I’m asking them to impart how passion and inspiration worked for them,” said Kirk.

The tickets for the two-day event are reasonably priced starting at $10 for a youngling, $25 for a party pass, $50 for a citizen and citizen elite ticket, and $90 for a VIP pass.

If you’ve ever heard “Let a professional do this,” the professional in this case might be a professional light saber fighter.  Light saber training and demos are slated for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Lion Fountain Court. That you are not a professional does not mean you will not get on the bracket to compete.  Bracket competitions are not just for NBA players.

A game room with video games and table-top board gamers will also offer an old-school LAN party. 

The event kicks off on Friday night in the Tiki Room with a cocktail party. It will be formal attire but with kick – Cosplay costumes are also desired.  Imagine a tux-clad man next to an anime-themed Cosplay female. Or vise-a-versa.

Saturday will be a mixture of workshop sessions, celebrity panels, and experts teaching and talking about fandoms and various other topics. Taking your own selfie in a Cosplay costume or the opportunity to take photos of other Cosplay costumes will be abundant.

Industry leaders Trevor Baca and Joe Sanders will also discuss the music used in movies, games, sci-fi and the stories involved in creating it. 

A comic book art workshop, lead by the Little Fish Comic Book Studio, will outline what it takes to do comic book art. “We have really designed this as an experience, to walk away with lasting experiences,” relayed Kirk.

The Cocky Cockpit will be a Star Wars’ themed game feud.

Steve “Captain” Kirk, InterGalactiCon’s creator, is no stranger to fandoms and all the worlds related to games, cons, and Cosplay.  Kirk worked for 20 years for DEF CON, a con for hackers.  He also worked for PlayStation.  Currently, he is the owner of F7 Productions in Ramona, an event planning company. 

To buy tickets and get more information about this inaugural con, visit   https://www.intergalacticonsd.com/2018-co/.