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By John Birds

November 3, 2017 (El Cajon) -- I am speaking on behalf of thousands of Chaldean's in and around the San Diego community that all agree that Ben Kalasho DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed, by any media outlet, to speak on behalf of the Chaldean community. We do not like the type of person, who he is or the values that he holds.

He has continuously vocalized that he does not support our church or community.

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Mao Kalasho

Not being Chaldean, but knowing many, I can say Mao Kalasho is not representative of the Chaldeans I know, some I am friends with, in my community. Mao Kalasho is overwhelmed by what he perceives is his greatness and power, along with an ego in Porsche powered turbo mode. He is going to threaten the wrong person and/or institution (like news media) one day and end up on the wrong side of one's anger or in jail himself. We can be very hopeful Mao Kalasho has no more power than El Cajon City Council (which is too much power for Kalasho), otherwise he might be the modern Saddam or Mao.

Bessmon, resign now or resign later

Clown Kalasho has one interest in mind, his own. This narcissistic blowhard cannot and should not be trusted. It is sad that someone who appeared to possess the potential needed to do good or even great things for the Chaldean community and El Cajon at large has, in very short time, revealed himself to be nothing more than a greedy, self promoting shyster apparently incapable of adhering to State law and/or rules set by a majority of the city council. Moreover, whether he is willing to admit it or not, he has earned the much deserved title of most hated member on the council possibly ever. The sooner this clown resigns the sooner El Cajon can begin forgetting the enormous mistake it made by electing him.