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Are hookah lounges good for our youth?


By Debra Gilly

October 25, 2010 (Spring Valley) -- Last week, our County Planning Commission approved the request for a liquor license by Blu Flayme, a hookah lounge located in a strip mall known to be a popular hang-out for Monte Vista High School students. Owners of the hookah lounge believe that smoking hookah is a good bonding and cultural experience they would like to share and promote with our young people (according to a marketing plan they presented before a planning committee at the San Miguel Fire Station).


My common sense dictates that allowing our 18 year-olds to smoke hookah with the 21 year-olds and up, who are also smoking the hookah while enjoying beer and wine, is asking for trouble. I would not term this a good bonding and cultural experience for our youth. Are hookah lounges really good for our youth?


Our planning group’s decision to approve yet another liquor license is a great disappointment. It seems like everywhere I look these days in East County, more bars, smoke shops and now hookah lounges are being approved in close proximity to schools and residential areas. Enough already!


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Bad Idea

So much for all the "Don't smoke" information that we bombard our kids with. It is hard enough to keep them in school and studying much less the constant undermining that this "establishment" will provide. I guess throat and lung cancer is not a good enough reason to not smoke any more.......