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By Al Chavarria

April 24, 2020 (Spring Valley) -- The most important element of our nation is our democracy. The right to vote is as basic of a right as we have. The right to have your voice heard in a nation of multiple voices shouting at the same time. The only way to decide on who will be our leaders is for the majority to decide and the only to do that is to vote! Simple and Patriotic, right?

So obviously with the current pandemic, the only safe way to achieve this in this coming election, is to VOTE BY MAIL. All  states need to prepare now and they should not be afraid to implement this strategy for fear of losing elections.

If losing elections is the only reason to make it difficult to vote, then we don't have a democracy, we have fascism. We didn't fight World War II to then have fascism "cheating" win in the end.

Be an American and support the right to VOTE BY MAIL. Demand that Congress pass additional funding to help states prepare for this right. Plus the popular vote should decide presidential elections not an outdated electoral college.

Congress must provide 4 billion in emergency funding for elections.

Al Chavarria is a real estate broker in Spring Valley.  The views reflected in this editorial reflect the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of East County Magazine. To submit an editorial for consideration, contact

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