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By Robin Davis, Lakeside

December 18, 2011 (Lakeside)--I am one of the people who has experience health issues from what I can only believe are the smart meters.   I have lived in my home since January 1973 and it's never been like this.  In the last year and a half (since May 2010 when my smart meter was installed on my home), my husband and I have developed issues that when it comes down to it, the common denominator has been the smart meter.  I could go on but if you have questions, feel free to email me.   I know other people who live here in Lakeside that are suffering. 

I have called SDGE numerous times to complain.  I have received little results and have been given me the run-around.  They lie to me and recite from what sounds like a script they've been handed.  When you talk fact with them, they can't answer back. They've been given a script full of lies.  I'm still waiting for a SDGE supervisor to call me back.  Still waiting....

In the meantime, I've moved out of half my home and closed it off;  I can't park in my own driveway because it's too close to the meter; I can't sit on my front porch and enjoy the view of Lakeside because it's too close to the meter.  I've lost use of half my yard because I can't get close to the meter.  My ears ring and it gets louder the closer I get to the meter until it becomes unbearable.
SDGE continues to line their own pockets with the money they save by laying off meter readers at the expense of the health of their customers.  Their own convenience is much more important than  our health.  I would like to get a generator and solar and fire SDGE as my utilities provider.  They are too big for their own good and seem to be calling their own shots.
This is not acceptable.  My health is worth more than this.  At times, I am afraid to come home because I know that what awaits me pains me.  I shouldn't feel like that in my own home.  This frustrates my husband because he can't help me.  My husband is scared because he can't fix this and he can't protect his wife.
Now I wait until the California Public Utilities Commission makes a ruling on an opt-out plan.  I want my analog meter back. .  Please take note of this subject and know that your constituents are suffering at the hands of the big power company.
I have written Congressman Hunter, Senator Anderson, and Assemblyman Jones.  It's time that our local representatives take action on this very serious subject.
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