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 By Vincent Wallgren, Jr, L a Mesa


June 23, 2011 (San Diego’s East County)--A quick perusal of the definition of the word “govern” reveals the critical inclusions to be: manipulate, restrain, control and exercise authority. In consideration of same, one cannot but conclude that even the most legislatively restrained government is a sovereignty led by a body of rulers; who, in the USA, are elected to “serve and protect” the governed.


Buoyed by frequently spoken electioneering ambiguities such as “progress” and “change,” the illusion of functional, humane and just government has somehow managed to survive; and the electorate—whether it be at the city, county, state or federal level—has seemingly assumed a posture of distant disinterest as their country falls apart at the seams.


A harsh assertion? You bet -- but nonetheless true. The socioeconomic state of our nation has digressed to the point where many social and economic fears are manifest in the everyday lives of the average person. Yet a significant plurality of the electorate inexplicably continue to place their trust in government, notwithstanding a series of very costly failures -- especially when considering the unjustifiable and recent loss of thousands of American lives, millions of American jobs, and the ever increasing indebtedness being foisted upon America’s future generations. Consider the following federal government initiatives:


>Prohibition (1920 - 1933): When the production, distribution, sale and consumption of alcohol was deemed illegal, it gave rise to both organized crime and federal law enforcement -- both of which are with us to this very day.

>War on Poverty (1967 - Present): There are currently 44 Million people on food stamps; with nearly half of the American people needing one form or another of public assistance.

>War on Drugs: After 40 years and $1 trillion, the US war on drugs has resulted in the same dismal failure as prohibition. With approximately 5% of the world’s population, our nation presently consumes close to 50% (see paragraph “Consumption”) of the world’s cocaine.

>Post-WWII foreign policy: Korean War (cost $320 billion); 33,686 killed in action and 8,176 missing in action; there are 30,000 U.S. service members still stationed in the ROK. Vietnam (cost $584 billion); 58,212 killed in action, 153,452 wounded and 1,711 missing in action. 

>Defending the homeland: The USA spends hundreds of billions annually on national defense; which includes the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) that is chartered and equipped to defeat every possible airborne threat contingency. Yet on 9/11/2001, a group of rag-tag miscreants were able to murder more than 3,000 Americans and, inexplicably, none of those people responsible for our nation’s defense and, specifically, the gross failures of that fateful day, were ever held accountable.

>Education: In California (as well as other states) there are initiatives promoting public school advancements in gender identity curriculum. Assuming a leadership role in this GLBT initiative is none other than the California Teachers Association -- a labor union. The ranking of student performance (by industrialized nation) reveals the USA below average in math, science and problem solving, and but average in reading.  

>Crime and punishment: This chart reveals the rate of crimes (see bottom half of chart) committed per 100,000 people in the years 1960 through 2009. As of this date, the USA’s rate of incarceration (751 people in jail for every 100,000 in population) is the highest of any nation in the world.


With untold trillions already spent and a national debt exceeding $14 trillion, it is should be obvious to all that we Americans are suborning incompetence at every level of government; all of which has lead to a series of costly socioeconomic failures that, unless draconian cuts in spending are enacted and the debt ceiling frozen, will continue to haunt many generations to come.


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