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By Fred Griesbach

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)


March 19, 2013 (Washington D.C)--In a matter of hours, the Senate could vote to cut your Social Security benefits.

President Obama is pushing a budget deal that would include a proposal called "chained CPI", a benefit cut that would take money straight out of your pocket – and some Senators want to take it.

Their vote could happen at any moment, so your Senators need to hear from you right now. Tell your Senators to keep your hard-earned benefits safe and say no to chained CPI.

Chained CPI would change the way the monthly cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is calculated, cutting Social Security benefits by $127 billion over the next ten years. The consequences would be felt in every town across the country. Millions of Americans would struggle to pay for lifesaving prescriptions, rising utility costs – even to put food on the table.

Your Senators need to know that there are real people behind Social Security checks. These benefits aren't expendable extras: they're key to survival for many. And this could be a critical time to keep these hard-earned benefits safe.

If chained CPI is included in the Senate budget, it's a big step towards getting it enacted. There's no time to lose – make sure your Senators know you're counting on them to stand strong against these harmful Social Security cuts.

Tell your Senators: say NO to chained CPI, and keep Social Security cuts out of your budget plan.

Together, we can make sure the voices of older Americans are loud and clear – and protect Social Security for today's seniors and future generations.