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By Barbara Nigro

October 3, 2014 (Julian)--PROPOSITION “P” will be on the November 4th ballot. Resident-voters will have an opportunity to staff the Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection District with paid Firefighter-Paramedics. This would ensure that a Paramedic is always in the District and able to respond within minutes.

Paramedics on the Julian Ambulance are trained to begin immediate treatment for stroke and trauma. However, when the ambulance is transporting another patient there is no Paramedic in Julian and an ambulance from another district could take 45 minutes or longer to respond. The statistics show that the time the Julian ambulance is out of District is equal to six weeks out of the year. Even if it takes longer for another ambulance to arrive to transport a stroke or trauma patient, treatment can commence immediately by a Firefighter-Paramedic who will always be available in the District.

A stroke occurs when one of the arteries carrying blood to the brain is blocked or a blood vessel inside the brain bursts. As a result, part of the brain does not get the blood it needs and starts to die. A blood clot that blocks blood flow for a short time can cause a temporary episode that lasts a few minutes or hours and then symptoms disappear. Strokes can happen to anyone.

Thrombolytic drugs help reestablish blood flow to the brain by dissolving clots. It is critical that a medical professional determine the type of stroke and begin treatment immediately to reduce the potential for permanent brain damage. To be most effective, treatment should begin within three hours of symptom onset.

Traumatic accidents can result in life-threatening injuries (internal or external) that require immediate attention for survival. A District Firefighter-Paramedic can begin and maintain treatment until transport services arrive.

A ‘YES’ VOTE ON PROPOSITION “P”  could potentially save a life and reduce or eliminate the long-term effects of a stroke or trauma. For the full language of the proposition, go to:

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