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November 2 (Monday, 7:30 pm) — Don Miguel Ruiz - "The Toltec Art of Life and Death"

Warwick's is hosting New York Times bestselling author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz with co-author Barbara Emrys to present his new book, The Toltec Art of Life and Death. Don Miguel Ruiz was born in rural Mexico, the youngest of 13 children. He attended medical school, and became a surgeon. For several years he practiced medicine with his brothers. The Four Agreements was published in 1997 and has sold around 5.2 million copies in the U.S. and has been translated into 38 languages.

In 2002, Don Miguel Ruiz suffered a near fatal heart attack that left him in a nine-weeks-long coma. The spiritual journey he undertook while suspended between this world and the next forms the heart of The Toltec Art of Life and Death, a profound and mystical tale of spiritual struggle. As his body lies unconscious, Ruiz’s spirit encounters the people, ideas, and events that have shaped him, illuminating the eternal struggle between life—unending energy and truth—and death—matter and subjective knowledge—in which we are all called to engage.

Over ten years in the making, The Toltec Art of Life and Death invites readers into the mind of a master of spiritual seeking, offering an unparalleled and intimate glimpse into the development of a soul. In this culmination of a lifetime's learning, Ruiz shares with readers the innermost workings of his singular heart and mind, and summons us to grapple with timeless insights, drawn from ancient Toltec wisdom, that are the essence of transformation.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 3 (Tuesday, 6:45 to 8:30 pm) — The San Diego Shakespeare Society invites you to join us for the Audition Workshop Night directed by Tom Haine.

Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse, 835 W. Harbor Drive, Suite C, San Diego; (619) 232-4855;


November 3 (Tuesday, 6:30 pm) — Brian Selznick - "The Marvels"

Warwick's Presents Caldecott Medal-winning author of

The Invention of Hugo Cabret to discuss and sign his newest novel The Marvels at the Sherwood Auditorium, 700 Prospect Avenue, La Jolla, California 92037

     $35.63 - one admission and one book

     $40.63 - two admissions and one book

     $45.63 - three admissions and one book

To purchase tickets please call the Warwick's Book Department at 858-454-0347 or email for more information.

Brian Selznick ?is the Caldecott Medal-­winning author and illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Wonderstruck and The Invention of Hugo Cabret which was adapted into Martin Scorsese's Oscar­-winning movie Hugo. Selznick’s books have garnered countless accolades worldwide, and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He has previously worked as a set designer, independent bookseller, and a puppeteer. He lives in La Jolla, California, and Brooklyn, New York.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 3 (Tuesday, 7:30 pm) — Andrea Cremer Launch Party in San Diego to sign her book, The Conjurer's Riddle (Hardcover). The Revolution is beginning and Charlotte may be on the wrong side.

In this sequel to "The Inventor's Secret," Charlotte and her companions escape the British Empire, but they haven't left danger behind. In fact, if they go against the revolutionaries, they face even greater peril.

Charlotte leads her group of exiles west, plunging into a wild world of shady merchants and surly rivermen on the way to New Orleans. But as Charlotte learns more about the revolution she has championed, she wonders if she's on the right side after all. Charlotte and her friends get to know the mystical New Orleans bayou and deep into the shadowy tunnels below the city the den of criminals, assassins and pirates Charlotte must decide if the revolution's goals justify their means, or if some things, like the lives of her friends, are too sacred to sacrifice.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 4 (Wednesday, 4:30 pm) — UCSD's New Writing Series is excited to announce an upcoming reading from Meliza Bañales. The reading will take place in the Visual Arts Presentation Lab (SME 149) at UC San Diego.

Meliza Bañales aka Missy Fuego was the first Chicana to win a poetry slam championship in 2002 and was a fixture in the underground spoken-word and slam communities in San Francisco from 1996-2010. She has toured with Sister Spit and Body Heat and her short film with J Aguilar, Getting Off, won the Jury Award at TG Fest: The Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival in 2011. She is the author of Say It With Your Whole Mouth (poems, Monkey Press) and the new novel Life Is Wonderful, People Are Terrific on Ladybox Books. She lives in LA.

For more information and directions: or contact Taylor McGill:


November 4 (Wednesday, 3:30 to 4:45 pm) — Maria Garcia Teutsch will be guest speaking in Student Services West, Room 2512. Maria Garcia Teutsch’s collection, The Revolution Will Have its Sky, won the 2015 Minerva Rising chapbook competition, judge: Heather McHugh. She is a poet and editor. She has published over 20 journals of poetry as editor-in-chief of the Homestead Review, published by Hartnell College in Salinas, and Ping-Pong journal of art and literature, published by the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. She teaches poetry and creative writing online. She serves as president of the board of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, and is the founder and EIC of Ping-Pong Free Press.

For more information on this and other poetry readings held by Poetry International, please contact them at, visit our website:, join our circle of friends on Facebook or follow us via Twitter.


November 4 (Wednesday, 9:00 to 11:00 am) – Adventures by the Book™ is pleased to present OLLI at SDSU: San Diego Lighthouses Edventure with twin sister San Diego authors Kim Fahlen and Karen Scanlon at Cabrillo National Monument, 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr, San Diego. OLLI at SDSU membership is required to attend this event and may be obtained for a nominal fee at the time of registration.

About the Event: The Old Point Loma Lighthouse stood watch over the entrance to San Diego Bay for 36 years beginning in 1855 until its light was extinguished in 1891, in preference of a new location. Today, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse still stands watch over San Diego, sentinel to a vanished past. What is the fascination with these iconic beacons that have saved countless lives. Join Fahlen and Scanlon who photograph and study lighthouses, for a tour of the lighthouse, followed by a discussion of the fascinating history and stories of lighthouses.

About the Authors: Kim Fahlen and Karen Scanlon are identical twin sisters who work together on lighthouse-related projects and volunteer at Cabrillo National Monument tending its lighthouse lenses. The two co-authored the book Lighthouses of San Diego.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Susan McBeth at (619) 300-2532 or at


November 4 (Wednesday, 7:30 pm) — Garth Risk Hallberg - "City on Fire"

Warwick's is hosting online literary magazine, The Millions, contributor and debut novelist Garth Risk Hallberg to present his novel, City on Fire. A big-hearted, boundary-vaulting novel that heralds a remarkable new talent: set in 1970s New York, a story outsized in its generosity, warmth, and ambition, its deep feeling for its characters, its exuberant imagination.

The individuals who live within this extraordinary first novel are: Regan and William Hamilton-Sweeney, estranged heirs to one of the city's largest fortunes; Keith and Mercer, the men who, for better or worse, love them; Charlie and Samantha, two suburban teenagers seduced by downtown's punk scene; an obsessive magazine reporter and his idealistic neighbor; and the detective trying to figure out what any of them have to do with a shooting in Central Park. Their entangled relationships open up the loneliest-seeming corners of the crowded city. And when the infamous blackout of July 13, 1977, plunges this world into darkness, each of these lives will be changed forever. A novel about love and betrayal and forgiveness, about art and truth and rock 'n' roll, about how the people closest to us are sometimes the hardest to reach—about what it means to be human.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 5 (Thursday, 7:30 pm) — Marnie the Dog - "Marnie the Dog"

Warwick's is hosting author and senior dog adoption advocate Marnie the Dog to present her book, Marnie the Dog. Pop culture sensation Marnie the Dog is delighted to bring you her first book of adorable photos that have earned her millions of fans. A resident of NYC, she is the most popular rescue dog on Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr.

Once an old, sick dog who was found on the streets and named "Stinky," Marnie the Dog got a second lease on life when she was adopted from a shelter at age ten. Soon, her signature looks and endearing personality would capture the hearts of not only her new owner, but nearly everyone she encountered. After photos and videos of Marnie started circulating online, Marnie began charming millions over the world.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 5 (Thursday, 7:00 pm) — Son of the Black Sword (Hardcover) By Larry Correia

After the War of the Gods, the demons were cast out and fell to the world. Mankind was nearly eradicated by the seemingly unstoppable beasts, until the gods sent the great hero, Ramrowan, to save them. He united the tribes, gave them magic, and drove the demons into the sea. Ever since the land has belonged to man and the oceans have remained an uncrossable hell, leaving the continent of Lok isolated. It was prophesized that someday the demons would return, and only the descendants of Ramrowan would be able to defeat them. They became the first kings, and all men served those who were their only hope for survival.

As centuries passed the descendants of the great hero grew in number and power. They became tyrannical and cruel, and their religion nothing but an excuse for greed. Gods and demons became myth and legend, and the people no longer believed. The castes created to serve the Sons of Ramrowan rose up and destroyed their rulers. All religion was banned and replaced by a code of unflinching law. The surviving royalty and their priests were made casteless, condemned to live as untouchables, and the Age of Law began.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 6 (Friday, 7:30 pm) — A Likely Story: A Library Lover's Mystery (Hardcover) By Jenn McKinlay

Delivering books to the housebound residents of the Thumb Islands, just a short boat ride from the town of Briar Creek, library director Lindsey Norris has befriended two elderly brothers, Stewart and Peter Rosen. She enjoys visiting them in their treasure-filled, ramshackle Victorian on Star Island until she discovers that Peter has been killed and Stewart is missing. Now she's determined to solve a murder and find Stewart before he suffers his brother's fate."


Crowned and Moldering: A Fixer-Upper Mystery (Mass Market Paperbound) By Kate Carlisle

When Mac Sullivan famous thriller writer and Shannon s new beau first moved to Lighthouse Cove, California, he bought the historic lighthouse mansion that the town is named after. Mac needs help cleaning up the place, and Shannon is more than happy to get her handywoman hands on the run-down Victorian.

But during demolition, a grisly discovery is made among the debris the bones of a teenage girl who went missing fifteen years ago. Locals had always assumed Lily Brogan ran away from her difficult life, but it seems her troubles followed her to the grave. If Shannon has any chance of getting her renovation back on track, she ll need to tackle the cold case. But with new suspects coming out of the woodwork every day, she ll have to be careful to pry the right secrets and clues from the poor girl s problematic past.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 8 (Sunday, 2:00 pm) — Adventures by the Book™ is pleased to partner with the Carlsbad City Library for The Tin Horse Library Adventure with San Diego author Janice Steinberg at the Carlsbad City Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011. The event is free and open to the public. Books will be available for sale and signing at the event.

About the Book/Event: In The Tin Horse, Janice exquisitely unfolds a rich multigenerational story about the intense, often fraught bonds between sisters, mothers, and daughters and the profound and surprising ways we are shaped by those we love. At its core, it is a book not only about the stories we tell but, more important, those we believe, especially the ones about ourselves.

About the Author: Janice Steinberg is an award-winning arts journalist who has published more than four hundred articles in The San Diego Union-Tribune, Dance Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere. She is also the author of five mystery novels, including the Shamus Award–nominated Death in a City of Mystics.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Susan McBeth at (619) 300-2532 or at


November 8 (Sunday, 2:00 pm) — Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons, Alan Romanczuk and Jason Denzel sign in San Diego.

This is a numbered event – numbers for the signing line are free with the purchase of The Wheel of Time Companion or Mystic from Mysterious Galaxy, available November 3 starting at 10 am. See the Event Calendar at mg for details.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 8 (Sunday, 12:00 pm) — Weekends with Locals: Kristen Elise PhD

As part of our ongoing Weekend with Locals Program we will be hosting Kristen Elise PhD author of The Death Row Complex.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 9 (Monday, 7:00 pm) — Warwick’s presents Simon Winchester, New York Times bestselling author of Atlantic and The Men Who United the States to discuss his newest book, Pacific, at the Sherwood Auditorium, 700 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92117.

     $31.31 — One admission and one copy of The Pacific

     $41.31 — Two admission and one copy of The Pacific

Following his acclaimed Atlantic and The Men Who United the States, New York Times bestselling author Simon Winchester offers an enthralling biography of the Pacific Ocean and its role in the modern world, exploring our relationship with this imposing force of nature.

Today, the Pacific is ascendant. Its geological history has long transformed us tremendous earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis but its human history, from a Western perspective, is quite young, beginning with Magellan's sixteenth-century circumnavigation. It is a natural wonder whose most fascinating history is currently being made.

Winchester's personal experience is vast and his storytelling second to none. And his historical understanding of the region is formidable, making Pacific a paean to this magnificent sea of beauty, myth, and imagination that is transforming our lives.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 9 (Monday, 7:30 pm) — Matt Kaplan signs in San Diego

Science of the Magical: From the Holy Grail to Love Potions to Superpowers (Hardcover) By Matt Kaplan.

Can migrations of birds foretell our future? Do phases of the moon hold sway over our lives? Are there sacred springs that cure the ill? What is the best way to brew a love potion? How do we create mutant humans who regenerate like Wolverine?

In "Science of the Magical," noted science journalist Matt Kaplan plumbs the rich, lively, and surprising history of the magical objects, places, and rituals that infuse ancient and contemporary myth. Like Ken Jennings and Mary Roach, Kaplan serves as a friendly armchair guide to the world of the supernatural. From the strengthening powers of Viking mead, to the super soldiers in movies like "Captain America," Kaplan ranges across cultures and time periods to point out that there is often much more to these enduring magical narratives than mere fantasy. Informative and entertaining, "Science of the Magical" explores our world through the compelling scope of natural and human history and cutting-edge science.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 10 (Tuesday, 12:00 pm) — Warwick’s presents Ray Lewis, Superbowl MVP and ESPN Analyst signing his debut memoir, I Feel Like Going On

Ray Lewis, legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker and one of the greatest defensive players of his generation, holds nothing back on the state of football as well as his troubled childhood, his rise to athletic greatness, the storm that threatened to ruin his NFL career, and the devastating injury that nearly cost him a final moment of glory.

"A lot of folks, they know my game, but they don’t know my deal. This book right here, it tells the story of my seventeen-year NFL career. It tells of my two Super Bowls, the mark I was blessed to be able to make on the game, on the city of Baltimore. But it also tells the story of how I grew up—abandoned by my no-account father, raised with my siblings by our God-fearing, hardworking single mother. It tells how I sometimes struggled off the field. It tells of the anguish and controversy that found me away from the game.

"Mostly, it tells how heartbreak can sometimes lift you to greatness and glory—if you find a way to put your focus in faith, and faith in your focus.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


November 10 (Tuesday, 7:30 pm) — Leigh Bardugo, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff sign in San Diego. They will sign their books, Six of Crows, Illuminae, and Run and Rising.

For more details:

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 11 (Wednesday, 7:30 pm) — Jérémie Guez signs in San Diego.

The son of an Algerian immigrant, Idir is a disappointment to his doctor father. Torn between his wealthy school friends and his neighborhood pals, who range from petty thieves to professional criminals, Idir operates easily between worlds, and yet is at home nowhere. Without much effort, Idir becomes one of the Parisian upper crust s most sought-out private dicks, thanks to his understanding of the needs of his privileged clients. The only thing standing in his way is Idir's unfortunate habit of crying uncontrollably.

Things change when Oscar Crumley, a wealthy media scion that Idir knew at university, reappears in Idir's life, hiring him to find his missing younger half-brother, Thibaut. Idir assumes it is an open and shut case. But when Idir discovers that Thibaut was hiding his homosexuality from his conservative family, his disappearance takes on sinister connotations.

Distracted by his intense affair with the wife of a wealthy friend, Idir ultimately becomes embroiled in a war of lies and corruption between two of France's most powerful media conglomerates. Inspired by Chandler and the American greats, Guez uses the familiar tropes of noir to create an entirely new language.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 12 (Thursday, 7:00 pm) — Join us for a book signing with local author Len Martini of his book Ice X-86: Freezing the Cold War. This is a wonderful adventure story of an unusual and important event in U.S. military history told by a man who was a key player.

Based on true events, ICE-X'86: Freezing the Cold War tells of a top-secret mission: a team of young engineers who face insurmountable odds-ice storms, polar bears, military bias, espionage, fear and self-doubt-while launching torpedoes from the surface of the Arctic ice pack. Will secret torpedo tests help to mitigate the Cold War's greatest threat, or will a rogue Russian submarine that interrupts the mission spark international retaliation and something even worse?

They will be showing video footage of the events discussed in the book. A signed copy of the book will be raffled by the Author for those present at the event.

Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse, 835 W. Harbor Drive, Suite C, San Diego; (619) 232-4855;


November 12 (Thursday, 7:30 pm) — Michael Stanley signs in San Diego.

"A Death in the Family "is the fifth book in this exceptional series and begins with a bang when Kubu's elderly father is murdered. Kubu is ordered away from the case, but as usual, he has trouble following orders.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Shoshong, the local Chinese-owned mine wants to take over part of the village. A week later, a senior official in the Department of Mines is found dead. Kubu becomes convinced that the official was murdered. As always, Michael Stanley creates a seamless and complex mystery with a fascinating look at modern-day Africa.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 14 (Saturday, 4:00 pm) — Star Wars Psychology in San Diego. From the very start, the Star Wars series created a compelling and complex universe. In advance of the highly anticipated new movie, this essay collection offers a fascinating and unauthorized psychological analysis of George Lucas's richly rendered world. A group of expert contributors examines such topics as family ties, Jedi qualities, masculinity, girl power, and the values embodied in both the "dark" and "light" sides of this spellbinding world.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 14 (Saturday, 7:00 pm) — Author and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn will read from and discuss her new book, Sporting Guide: Los Angeles, 1897, at D.G.Wills Books, 7461 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, 858-456-1800,

Sporting Guide is a brilliantly imaginative, illustrated recreation of an 1890s Los Angeles pocket guide, or "Sporting Guide," to the brothels of the day. Before there was the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Los Angeles was a rough place, building its way out to the global city of today. In the late nineteenth century it was a rapidly growing city filled with pimps and prostitutes, Chinese railwaymen, robbers, smugglers, and corrupt politicians. It was a city where losers and dreamers from all over the world could came to make their fortune.

This era of her native city has always fascinated author, fashion icon, and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn. In a series of beautiful, haunting interlinked stories she recreates the Los Angeles of the 1890s through stories of its pimps, politicians, prostitutes – male and female – businessmen, madams and johns. She takes readers inside the bordellos and velvet curtained rooms where sex entices but power and money rule. Based on her original research in the libraries and archives of LA, these fictional stories center around real historical characters – like the famous owner of LA’s grandest brothel, Pearl Morton (whose tombstone Goldwyn discovered). Interspersed in those stories, Goldwyn writes about the historical realities of the time, from fashion to opium drug addiction to sexual practices and birth control. Sporting Guide evokes a lost world of those on the margins of LA, of the hustlers who made it into one of the great cities of the world, and she gives a poignant voice to people and stories lost to time.

Liz Goldwyn is a writer, filmmaker, and artist living and working in Los Angeles. She is the writer and director of the documentary Pretty Things (HBO, 2005) based on her non-fiction book Pretty Things: the Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens. Goldwyn has done many short films.


November 15 (Sunday) — Good Earth / Great Chefs series proudly presents a book signing with Russell Moore and Allison Hopelain of Camino restaurant, at Chino Farms. Their debut cookbook, This is Camino, features exciting recipes from their restaurant in Oakland, CA with their unique fire-based cooking approach and ingredient-focused philosophy.



Olin Thompson has written over 20 exciting adventure books in hardback and eBooks including police procedural, crime, mystery, western and military. They can be ordered through Amazon or


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November 2 (Monday, 7:00 pm) — So Say We All is a literary and performing arts non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals to tell their stories, and tell them better. They have three core priorities: publishing, performance, and education.SSWA Press publishes original anthologies, experimental collectivist novels, and more, that contain the works of San Diego based emerging writers alongside nationally recognized authors.

Free creative writing and storytelling workshops are open to the public. Greenroom Writing Workshops are open, creative writing workshops structured around a topic and include periods for discussion, generative freewriting, and opportunities to share aloud.

Location: Words Alive, 5111 Santa Fe St., San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 274-9673. See also


November 5 (Thursday, 6:30 pm) — AuthorPreneurs™ is pleased to host our monthly dinner meeting for writers and published authors, featuring award-winning Alaskan author and co-founder of 49 Writers, Deb Vanasse, at a venue TBD, San Diego, CA. The event is ticketed ($25) and is open to the public.


About the Event: With dramatic changes in publishing, Vanasse agrees that it’s a wild and exciting time to be an author. But how do authors, both emerging and seasoned, choose what’s best for their books, and how can readers find them? Join her, to discuss What Every Author Should Know: No Matter How You Publish. She will break down the publishing process, discuss the best ways to get your book out to readers, and offer tips on how to be successful, regardless of your publishing method. Event includes dinner.

About the Author: Deb Vanasse is the author of fifteen books with six different presses. In her most recent book, Vanasse sorts through the noise to help authors reach an informed decision on how best to publish and-of equal importance-how to make sure their books are getting noticed. Vanasse is also the founder of Running Fox Books, an independent press and author collective, and the co-founder of 49 Writers. A sought-after teacher and editor, she enjoys writing at her mountain home in Alaska.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Susan McBeth at (619) 300-2532 or at


November 6-8 (Friday-Saturday) — The 2015 La Jolla Writers ConferenceScott McEwen, trial attorney in San Diego, and author of American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, will be a featured speaker.

For additional information, go to


November 7 (Saturday, 2:00 pm) — Mystery Writing Workshop in San Diego with two authors:

One Foot in the Grape (Mass Market Paperbound) By Carlene O'Neil.

In California wine country, the town of Cypress Cove may seem peaceful. But someone's about to pop their cork...After losing her job as a photojournalist, Penny Lively is trying to get her life back in focus. Inheriting the family winery from her late aunt may be the fresh start she needs. Thankfully she's got her niece Hayley and her handsome winery manager Connor to help. But the person in need of more urgent assistance is Antonia Martinelli, the owner of the neighboring winery, who has her own barrel full of problems. Someone's spoiling her wine, and with the upcoming Autumn Festival, she needs Penny's nose for clues to sniff out the culprit. But Penny's search for answers sours after the body of a staff member is found in a grape crusher. Since Hayley was the last to see him alive, she's the prime suspect in the case. Now Penny must hurry to find the real killer before Hayley withers on the vine.

Truffled to Death (Mass Market Paperbound) By Kathy Aarons.

When the antiquities on display in their book/chocolate shop bring about murder and mayhem, two best friends--Michelle and Erica--must clear their own names by tracking down a killer with both a sweet tooth and a penchant for priceless treasure.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


November 7 (Saturday, 5:00 pm) — The KBPS station’s main community outreach campaign, One Book, One San Diego, is a community-wide reading program that encourages everyone to read and discuss the same book. The 2015 One Book for Kids selection award winning author, William Joyce, and his book, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore will be at the Chula Vista Public Library’s Civic Center Branch, 365 F Street on Saturday, November 7th at 5 p.m. This special event will be a conversation between Joyce and Professor Joseph Thomas, Director of the National Center for the Study of Children's Literature. Geared towards an adult audience, the conversation will explore the author’s professional development, creative process, and inspirations as a writer and illustrator.

For more information about the event, see the KBPS website:



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