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By Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

August 3, 2018 (El Cajon) - El Cajon resident Michael Danis learned about the controversy with plastic straw use in restaurants when his family took a niece to a San Diego restaurant for a party.  A restaurant that offers straw hair updos and more games with straws.

“My family went to a restaurant and we were told we weren’t allowed to throw straws around.  They got a notice that they would be stopping the practice in the near future. We went the end of June – early July,” said Danis.

While restaurants such as Herringbone, in La Jolla, and others in the County have already discontinued the use of using plastic straws.  Santa Barbara has officially banned the use recently via an ordinance.

What alternatives are there to adopt even if it is not a city/county ordinance now?  Reusable, compostable, or biodegradable straws. 

East County stores such as Wal-Mart and Sprouts already sell reusable straws.

Walmart sells a HITT Brands set of Stainless Steel Straws, a 4 park with cleaner, that offers two 10.5” extra-long and two 8.5” long straws with a cleaner and additional silicone tips for $3.98.  The straws are bpa free. Note all prices in this article are subject to change.

Sprouts sells a box of World Centric Certified Compostable Straws made of corn, not petroleum, for $2.99. The straws are only for use with cold and warm drinks below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Fifty straws to a box.

Amazon sells foldable reusable straws with a carrying case and many other choices.

The choice of when or if to switch to reusable straws is still a personal choice when dining out in establishments that still distribute plastic straws. Carrying your own reusable straws might be a choice you consider in the future or when the laws change.


Speaking of things which pollute...

I'd like to see a world wide (starting in the U.S.) ban on cigarette butts. The number one item polluting Mother Earth - everywhere. Smokers just don't seem to care about where they dispose of these serious, environmental health hazards.