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Immigration of children from Latin America

These children are Angels, the very bravest human beings and should be welcomed with open arms for their heroic trek. There is no guarantee of their safe travel, a huge danger and risk. It took a lot of strength and faith. Bless all of those children with divine love. Those individuals in Murieta who shamefully protested their arrival in buses and the police who held up the bus,they should be prosecuted for child abuse for the trauma they inflicted. If they want to risk hitting a nuclear bomb and protest it that is just fine, but these are beautiful brave Angels, Gods soldiers to open the doors and hearts to the humanity coming for humanitarian assistance. The government can run 500 million dollars up a flag pole to try and mop up the Iraq crisis since brainy Bush blasted the sand into everyone's eyes, no one has seen him in Geneva lately? The fence is illegal (take down that wall in Berlin)take your advice. The wall is illegal, it is also on stolen land. The land legally belongs to Mexico, and those hair brains who want to deport illegal aliens, I accept they should go first, aliens for attacking children - take a rocket ride! The whole of the territory claimed by the U.S. is stolen land through the Native Indigenous Holocaust, that is not a real estate deal, its murder. The killing of any persons trying to cross the border is illegal, it does not belong to anyone but the Mexicano/a people, and the Native Indigenous people. When education is modernized and history is written not as fantasy, reparations are due the people and a return of stolen land. The budget debt is in the trillion, add the delay of right of return, its not rent free land, you don't get free rent, and the lives shamefully sacrificed, there goes the budget for the next 20 generations. Ignorance is the problem that intelligence has had great difficultly penetrating. Close down the school of the America's and keep the CIA in your yard, they can't find intelligence, they have none. You could try - torture is a crime against humanity - its not enhanced interrogation and they didn't call it that during the inquisition. There is no time to end the past like the present.