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East County News Service

October 22, 2010 (San Diego) -- After three public hearings and hours of testimony from scores of people, including the homeless, the San Diego City Council has chosen a site in its own backyard to serve as a winter shelter: Golden Hall, the convention complex attached to City Hall.


“This is the best compromise available for this year’s winter shelter,” said Councilmember Emerald, a former TV newscaster who once went spent a week living on the streets for an undercover story on homelessness. 


She added, “This Council has been divided on several other options and we have run out of time to identify and select another acceptable site. If possible, I would like to lock in Golden Hall for next year, as well."


To accommodate the temporary shelter, San Diego City staff will have to adjust some events already booked at Golden Hall during the coming winter months. Some of the events would need to be moved to other City facilities.


The City Council will hear from staff on those particulars the day after election results are announced at Election Central, which is located, ironically, in Golden Hall.


Council plans to meet on November 3rd to take a second and cast a final vote on the winter shelter location.


It's really sad to see

It's really sad to see homeless and hungry people on the streets, nowhere to go. Trying to provide food and shelter is a very good cause but something temporary cannot be too helpful. We cannot be indifferent to their needs. There should be a way to help out these people from such conditions and also find a solution for those too helpless to work. Palos Verdes homes