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By Chris Jennewein

Originally published by Times of San Diego, a member of the San Diego Online News Association

Photo: An Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer escorts a suspected undocumented immigrant. Courtesy ICE

September 4, 2017 (San Diego) -- A new report that President Trump plans to end protection from deportation for 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to America as children drew sharp criticism from San Diego elected officials.

The national politics website Politico reported Sunday night that Trump has decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and will make the announcement on Tuesday.

“Ending DACA (is) inconsistent with American values and interests, and the cruelty is breathtaking. We will have to fight back to save DACA,” said Rep. Scott Peters in a tweet after the report.

An estimated 38,000 of the so-called “Dreamers” live in San Diego County. The program, created by President Obama, offers undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children a two-year protection from deportation so they can work or attend school.

Many of the Dreamers know only life in America, speak only English and have never been to the country of their birth. The term Dreamers reflects their desire to become Americans.

Assemblymember Todd Gloria tweeted that “if true, another pathetic and heartless decision by someone who obviously has no empathy for others. CA must stand up for our Dreamers.”

According to Politico, Trump will end the DACA program after a six-month delay to give Congress time to potentially pass legislation to protect the Dreamers.

The program faced a legal challenge from nine states, led by Texas. A tenth state, Tennessee, pulled out of the challenge last week, with its attorney general citing the “human element” and noting Dreamers’ “outstanding accomplishments and laudable ambitions.”


You are not proud of what you do

If you were you wouldn't care who knew it was you
You loudly announce pride in your prejudice
But your invisibility suggests your shame
There is such anger in you that it can't be cloaked

JK Rowling

Of course hardcore Repubs regret voting for Trump,

he defeated half a dozen of them in the primaries to win the nomination. Trump has just recently abandoned the Repubs on a couple of budget issues and sided with the Dems and if the Repubs don't get off the dime on health care he might go their way on ACA because the current skyrocketing health insurance rates are hurting working people. Trump, after all, is really a New York City business liberal, and an outsider.

John LeCarre' quote from the Guardian

“Something truly, seriously bad is happening and from my point of view we have to be awake to that,” (John LeCarré) told an audience at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

“These stages that Trump is going through in the United States and the stirring of racial hatred … a kind of burning of the books as he attacks, as he declares real news as fake news, the law becomes fake news, everything becomes fake news.

“I think of all things that were happening across Europe in the 1930s, in Spain, in Japan, obviously in Germany. To me, these are absolutely comparable signs of the rise of fascism and it’s contagious, it’s infectious. Fascism is up and running in Poland and Hungary. There’s an encouragement about.”

Even today, Le Carré said, Ang Sang Suu Kyi is speaking of “fake news” in Burma. “These are infectious forms of demagogic behaviour and they are toxic.”


Isn't that the thing Obama said on at least 4 separate occasions, over years, that it would be unconstitutional for him to do but he did it anyway? Ya, that's the thing. Alt-left, you must think the rest of us are as brain dead as yourselves and don't remember things. If you are going to argue a point at least get your facts right. Even Feinstein admitted as much today.

Inaccurate reporting (again) - DACA is actually unconstitutional

BIAS ALERT - Based on this ECM article content, the title should be "Two (2) Liberal San Diego Lawmakers...etc" - the title makes it sound like many lawmakers are against this, when only 2 lawmakers are cited in the article. Where is the other side of the story from ECM, which could possibly be titled: "Lawmakers and Community Applaud and Support ending current Obama-era DACA program based on Constitutional Legality and long term Benefit and a better solution." President Obama created this mess, creating an illegal rule, creating division, and weakening our constitutional institutions by unilaterally going around Congress and putting DACA in place. Now, we have to (again) fix Obama's mistakes. See Trumps statement about deactivating DACA - it makes logical and legal constitutional sense, and is a reasonable and humane way to move the country forward - respecting the Constitution rule of law, putting CITIZENS first, and then immigrants, by coming up with a better (legal) long term solution, which is better than the patchwork illegal divisive mess Obama created. DACA statement

No SD lawmaker made a statement in support of this,

as of when our article was written. I've heard today that Hunter came out in support of Trump's action but haven't yet verified that. If anyone has a link to his quote, please post it here.

We did search numerous sourcing looking for local leaders who may have issued statements in support, and couldn't find any.

On claims of biased opinion and fake news

It's so enlightening to see those who want to claim bias reporting of others or declare Fake News while posting anonymously or using fake names. These are our true Patriotic Americans?They want so desperately to be relavant as long as they can hide while passing judgement on others? Pathetic cowardly individuals with zero character or self esteem safely tucked away masquerading as men.

I disagree on screen names usage.

@ genecarp I've been blogging for many years on many different fora, and while most bloggers don't use their own names I've never ever had a problem with that. We should deal with what's said, not who's saying it. Why should I care what your real name is? It's irrelevant. Maybe Miriam's real name is Maxine? So what. (and probably not)

Screen Name Usage

Don, thank you for giving your opinion on remaining anonymous. Should people choose to use a fake name there may be good reasons. They could be registered Child Molesters or just bored seniors that enjoy saying provactive things to get a rise out of people and it seems their anonymity serves to embolden this. Values and Character usually go hand in hand with people who are proud of who they are and using a real name, to me, is synonymous with that. I suspect there are a lot of people that might say that there has been a marked decline in character and values in our society and many won't even participate because of them. When you have a group of Trolls that constantly berates the person that clearly makes an effort to strike a balance, Miriam who gives us this forum, getting hammered by these Trolls on this site my natural instinct and upbringing is to call them out on their lack of transparency. When you say, who cares, I think there's a good chance that there are many that do.

Again, you are peeing in the wind.

There are hundreds of blogs and thousands of anonymous bloggers. It's not been a problem. To the bet of my knowledge, and I've done a ton of blogging for years, mostly on military matters and foreign policy, and nobody is bothered by it, except you. . .A troll is a whole different animal: In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers

Screen names are fine if they follow the rules.

Don, please respect our rules too and avoid use of scatalogical terms.  Nobody wants to come on our site and see posts labeled peeing or pooing. I'm going to begin deleting such posts in future. Thanks.  We do have some young folks reading and those titles are not appropriate role models for them.

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still wetting the underoo's ha ha ha ha ha

opinions do not need a name nor do they need to be approved by herr fish
people and their opinions need to be shileded from those who seek to expose or shut down debate, herr fish wants to shut down debate because wet underoo's are not fun to wear

Desertrek - this post violates site rules

requiring civil and respectful discussion. Please refrain from this in the future. Also insulting fellow posters is not allowed, though you may respectfully disagree and argue about the facts.  "still wetting the underoos" and "herr fish" to refer to Gene Carp is both childish and inappropriate. Name calling also violates a site rule.  If you wish to behave that way, your account will be cancelled.

Poop and Pee obsession

After a couple of back to back descriptive comments from two anonymous posters, Desertrek and Throw the Bum's, about human waste, I found this article about "Dementia Onset". I'm sorry that you two find yourselves obsessed with this and would encourage you both to strive to raise the bar not only for this forum but for your own self esteem. I realize it's possible that, under the circumstances, this may be more than you two can manage but if you try to focus real hard you might surprise yourselves.

The Washington Post is the one which doesn't belong here.

We don't need a newspaper which so blatantly represents the establishment over the rest of us. I recall (for example) the first Democratic debates in mid 2016 when Bernie was whupping Hillary in all the polls, and WaPo claimed Hillary was the debate-winner. The Washington Post, like the New York Times which you may quote next, delivers the "news" which has contributed to the degradation of citizens, the total US involvement in war and other iniquities.

fake news

fake news

the story comes out long before any official announcement
nothing to be critical of yet

also remember daca/amnesty is unconstitutional and the responsibility of congress to pass a law, not an executive action
the constitutional thing to do is cancel it immediately

It's official now.

As major media reported would happen, Justice Dept. today announced Trump is revoking DACA and giving Congress six months to pass a law protecting the young "Dreamers," or they will be subject to deportation.

To enroll in DACA they must have no criminal record.  But if they are not allowed to work,  how are they supposed to survive? It's almost as if the president is trying to force people into committing crimes with this heartless measure the punishes children for actions over which they had control.

Nearly all of the Dreamers have jobs and pay taxes, or are students.  They are doing all that they can to be good, productive law abiding citizens. Hundreds are in the military. Apple says 250 work for their high-tech company.  Some were heroes rescuing people in Houston after the hurricane and flooding, and one lost his life doing so.  There is nothing good, decent, or defensible about this hateful action.


to h*ll with the rule of law

throw away the rule of law so illegal aliens can get amnesty because you think so
throw away the constitution because you think so
courts have already sided against daca, and obama advisors are on record acknowledging the order was unconstitutional

yup throw away the Constitution when it suits a political goal
all of the daca people are not productive nor good for the country
the idea of complete checks on so many is ridiculous, and not all where brought here as children, lets say maybe under 10 yo or younger
teenagers were flooding the southern border before obama did this to destroy the fabric of the Republic

all who think daca is good, then THEY should take full legal responsibility for these peope

We are a nation of laws, not feelings, or we are not. stand with daca and that means the law and the Constitution do not matter

actually not

This is a factual report regarding statements about an impending decision that seriously affects a lot of people and is in the top news, like at Fox News: "Trump tweet signals start of immigration battle over Obama's order."