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By Helen Ofield

April 12, 2015 (Lemon Grove)--You planted green beans, snap peas, tomatoes, chard and zucchini, then stood back and waited for the good times to roll. After the funeral for the first four, you were left with baseball bat size zucchini. You left them on doorsteps at midnight only to be caught in the act by a dozen cell phones ("local weirdo leaves humungous zucchini for helpless neighbors"). The video went viral and you became the laughing stock of Lemon Grove.  But, wait...

Cry on the shoulder of the Lemon Grove Organic Garden Club and the Lemon Grove Historical Society. They're holding a free composting class on May 2 from 1 to 3 p.m. outdoors in Civic Center Park (between Main and Olive Streets) next to the historic H. Lee House, 3205 Olive.  Parking is free, too.

Led by über composter Marianne West, founder of the Garden Club (NASA has nabbed her to grow stuff on Mars), you'll learn easy ways to compost household scraps and clippings, why compost makes stronger, pest-resistant, productive plants, and--here's the kicker--saves water. A composted plant doesn't need to be watered nearly as often.  And did we mention the worms?  Wow, your yard will become, like, a fisherman's paradise.

Once your plants are booming and your tomatoes and peas have snagged trophies at the Del Mar Fair, you can go viral on YouTube, MeTube, ThemTube and UsTube, and the whole world will flock to your door for the free zucchini.

Bring the kiddies -- see you on May 2 when we let the good times roll!

Helen Ofield is President of the Lemon Grove Historical So