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Stand Strong

First I want to give a big heart warm thank you to Tanya and Dennis for all their hard work, commitment and encouragement. Dennis your article was right on target. You left no stone unturned. To you both I say "Well Done Good and Faithful Servants"

I recently finished my battle with the Federal Gov't an experience I will never forget, will never repeat and so thankful to be gone.

For all of you still in the fight for your justice due, I applaud you and encourage you to stand firm and continue to fight until there's nothing left. By that I mean: Pray about each decision, Don't let what's going on consume you, Don't doubt yourself, remember you started this for a reason try not to take what "they" say personal/emotional and last but not least DON'T let their untruths get you down.

My fight was very difficult, it affected me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. No agency or person should be given that much power over your life and livelihood. Put God first he is still on the throne and still in control...remember that when times or the circumstances seem unbearable NEVER give up on YOU!

I have moved on to a wonderful opportunity now and my life has been completely restored, for that I give God the Glory. I thank Tanya for creating C4C, her guidance, encouragement, ear, support and shoulder that I cried on, for all those reasons and more, I will be forever grateful. She told me once to take all the negative energy that I had and put it toward the cause to make these evil, selfish people accountable by exposing them if they won't in the courtroom and I welcomed the opportunity.

Remember that by standing up and making your voices/concerns be heard you have won, the victory is yours and there is life after the federal gov't.

Even though I'm no longer with the federal gov't I have the scars and a story that I am willing to share, support and encourage anyone....just reach out and know you are not alone.

Always In Faith, Sis Darlene