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Source:  Smart Border Coalition

March 7, 2019 (San Diego) - Today the binational San Diego-Tijuana Smart Border CoalitionTM opens access to its new, free public website, designed with entirely new content to help improve the user experience at the region’s legal border crossings:

The coalition will soon add a Spanish-language version, accessible through the English-language version. The inauguration of the new website coincides with the presentation of the coalition’s new logo.

Until now, border crossers have not had access to a single source aggregating the information most relevant to navigating crossings while minimizing potential difficulties.

The innovative, information-rich site focuses on the four official U.S. and Mexican border crossings between San Diego County and the Tijuana Metropolitan Area, which includes the cities of Tecate, Tijuana, and Rosarito Beach (Playas de Rosarito in Spanish).

The new site has brought together user-friendly maps and extensive information, such as:

  • Ways to travel to the border crossings
  • Hours of opening and closing of the various crossings
  • Wait times
  • Required travel documents for Mexico and the U.S.
  • Designated lanes for vehicles
  • Prohibited and restricted goods

The San Diego-Tijuana region’s border crossings handle enormous bidirectional flows of cargo, automobile and pedestrian traffic. 

Efficient movement through the crossings is essential for the activities supporting the region’s employment, trade, manufacturing, medical and recreational tourism, educational programs, culture, transportation, social and family relationshipsand more.

Influencing Policymakers, Border Agencies and Enhancing Border Awareness

In addition, the Smart Border Coalition advocates for ideas and actions with Mexican and American agencies and policymakers to improve border crossing efficiency for all. It pursues this objective by sustaining a coalition of stakeholders representing business, professions, nonprofits, governments, associations, and educational institutions in the U.S. and Mexico.

The coalition also seeks to enhance knowledge and awareness of the border crossings and their importance in the region and along the entire U.S.-Mexican border.

The new website promotes these goals with sections about the coalition and its activities, current initiatives, facts and figures, technology and innovation, border-related news and research, links to social media and more.

Finally, the website allows interested persons to register to attend stakeholder meetings where they can network and hear expert presentations from practitioners on border issues and initiatives.

The Coalition and Its Work

The Smart Border Coalition seeks creative and practical solutions to improve movement for all through the ports of entry in the San Diego-Tijuana binational region. It is an independent, nonpartisan, self-funded association founded in 2007 by an exceptional group of leaders from both sides of the border. It is the only organization of its kind in the U.S.-Mexican borderlands.

The coalition is headed by a governing committee consisting of prominent figures from San Diego and Tijuana in the fields of law, media, business, civic organization, diplomacy, government and higher education.

New Website Launch Information Sheet

The Four Border Crossings between San Diego County and the Tijuana Metropolitan Area:

  • El Chaparral/San Ysidro Ports of Entry
  • CBX Cross Border Xpress (to and from Tijuana International Airport)
  • Otay Mesa/Mesa de Otay Port of Entry
  • Tecate Port of Entry

Estimated 2018 Volumes through the Region’s Border Crossings (total north- and southbound crossings): 

  • Travelers: 106 million
  • Cars: 46 million
  • Cargo Trucks: 2 million
  • Value of Goods: $44 billion


Imagine if...

...The Native Americans had built a wall to keep out immigrants from Europe and other countries. Then imagine if Mexico would have won the Mexican-American war. Every one of us living in the U.S. are immigrants in some way. Either arriving here voluntarily, forced in some manner, or descendants of those before us. No need for hostility. We are all God's children.

We are drowning in Illegal aliens

Our Sovereign nation is drowning in "illegal" aliens and Congress is responsible. Just being able to say "asylum" is all any foreign stranger needs to say to enter. At nearly 100,000 a month; how long do you think we will continue to exist as that "Sovereign" nation? NO THANKS!

Also this article is all about LEGAL CROSSINGS.

Why are you even bringing up undocumented crossers or asylum seekers? 

The website listed above is designed to help Americans or those with lawful travel documents such as travelers with visas and truck drivers who enter through legal points of entry.


To enter temporarily only, pending an asylum hearing.

Most are not granted asylum, FYI.  But for those who can demonstrate their lives were actually in danger, courts will grant asylum.

All of this hullaballoo is really only about what happens during the few weeks or months between when they arrive and when they get their day in court.  Other countries handle this very differently.  In Canada asylees are briefly vetted and assuming there are no red flags in a background check, are released . Some countries use ankle bracelets to make sure people released don't flee and will show up at their hearings. Those released can stay with relatives or even work during the weeks they are awaiting asylum hearings--and in every other nation, children are kept together with parents.


Thank you

This information is very good to know.