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August 30, 2012 (San Diego’s East County) – Since the California Public Utilities Commission required SDG&E to provide opt-out options for customers who wanted smart meters removed or not installed, some complaints have surfaced over notification, fees, access for meter readers to homes with dogs, and more. The Electrosmog Prevention organization has created a survey for SDG&E consumers in our area. Consumers can fill out the survey below and return the completed survey to Sue Brinchman, You can also post comments below this article with details on your experiences. ECM will consider a follow-up article after hearing more from readers. 
Smart Meter Opt-out Survey: 
  1. Have you opted out from smart meters? Yes No
  2. Have you had any difficulties with SDG&E since the opt-out Yes No
  3. If you opted out, did that solve your RF exposure issues, if any? Yes No
  4. Do you know of any neighbors who opted out? Yes No
  5. If you opted out, are you satisfied with the fees? Yes No
  6. If you opted out, did you receive your analog meter in a timely manner (1-2 weeks)? Yes No
  7. Have you been asked recently by SDG&E to allow their personnel 24/7 access to your property, even inside gated yards? Yes No
  8. Have you been asked to keep dogs out of yards that have a SDG&E meter and to leave the gate unlocked, daily? Yes No
  9. Are you satisfied with SDG&E customer service?
  10. Have you seen a full SDG&E opt-out agreement? Yes No
  11. What do you suggest to make the opt-out better?
a. No fees
b. More education about opt-out
c. Full disclosure on SDG&E opt-out agreement info
d. Other