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By Miriam Raftery

Photos by Don Lumb

January 22, 2017 (Alpine) – A towering eucalyptus tree has toppled onto a patio roof at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in Alpine.  The VRW center is located at 944 Tavern Road.  Don Lumb sent these photos; no other details are  immediately available.

If you have information please contact


That feels really bad! The

That feels really bad! The tree may fall and causes lots of damage to the property. That causes due to various of reasons such as storm, tornado, flood, etc. Larger trees which are bending towards property has major chances of getting affected during storm season. Tree maintenance is necessary in order to avoid damage from trees. There are various tree services available these days by doing which tree may remain healthy and grows in the right direction. Click here to know more information about various tree services.


The trees should be prohibited, they're native to arid Australia and don't have a tap root.

More problems with eucalyptus trees:

The sap explodes if fire hits it; firefighters call them Roman candles. They're the worst trees to have near your owns, both from a fire safety standpoint and risk of toppling over.  They also get very tall, and if not pruned regularly, can become major hazards capable of crushing cars, homes, or people walking by.