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East County News Service

April 28, 2015 (San Diego’s East County) - What if there was a way to extract water from the air—harvesting dew drops to help meet water needs?

Konstantin Avdienko, an 18-year-old student at the University of San Diego, has done just that.  As part of the school’s annual Changemaker Challenge, he invented a “water condenser” using supplies readily available at hardware stores, 10 news reports.

The device uses a solar-powered fan to pull air through a PVC pipe into the ground, where copper wiring cools moisture in the air until it condenses into water, which is then collected in a container beneath the ground.

Avidienko got the idea while looking at condensation on a drinking glass.  He says his simple device collects a third of a gallon of dew in just one day.  He envisions condenser farms to help alleviate drought and assist poor communities in need of water.


Great Idea.

Yes, a third of a gallon doe's not sound like a lot but it could probable be improved if professional engineers take a look at it! Plus you can watch his video that he recoded for the competition, he explains it a little more https://woobox.com/wxf74r/. There are quite a few patents in that field but the idea behind this project its that it's extremely simple and inexpensive.

Water-from-air knowledge base

Congratulations to Konstantin Avdienko for taking the initiative and actually building and testing a functional water-from-air device! Interested readers can find more information about water-from-air technologies at the Atmoswater Research website. For example: list of patents (dating back to the year 1900!) most with links to the full text, list of peer-reviewed articles (with links to articles or abstracts), and list of suppliers of water-from-air systems (with links to their sites). Cheers! Roland Wahlgren, Physical Geographer Atmoswater Research Vancouver, Canada