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Nothing but the Truth!


By Will Power


December 25, 2010 (San Diego)--When I was a child, the entire month of November was the prelude to Christmas. I'd start seeing Christmas cartoons and get more and more excited until the Big Day! I would try as best I could to get something my parents could afford and usually it worked, though sometimes gifts were years off in age-appropriateness.

The older I got, the less I needed to buy things.


After age 60, the elderly start worrying more about their annual insurance deductable than what they get for Christmas.  Then you just worry about paying your medical bills, period.

It stops completely the idea that gifts give meaning to Christmas.  Now the meaning of Christmas is to work with my wife so neither of us gets too stressed out during the holidays. If this means no tree, fine. I'm sure Jesus could understand we spared killing a tree out off respect for the earth.

Somehow the religious meaning of Christmas has been superceded by the commercialization of the Holy Day. The idea of giving your woman a diamond or a Lexus for Christmas is not an option for 97% of Americans.

I don't see how lighting up your house so it can be seen from the Andromeda galaxy makes you a good Christian. It makes PG&E happy for sure.

I burn plastic logs in my fireplace. They burn slowly and safely, not setting off sparks. I'd rater burn wood, but it is too expensive unless I can find is abandoned somewhere.

I do play some Christmas carols on my guitar. I even record them. I enjoy the old English carols the most. I can play a mean version of "A 'Soalin'" by Peter, Paul, and Mary.

The Christmas problem this year is lack of money, If we go shopping ,we will go to the after-Christmas sales. I'm sure Jesus won't mind! We just convert to the Greek Orthodox Church and Christmas is two weeks later. Works out fine!


Will Power is a retired history teacher and creative writing instructor. 


The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of its author and do not necessarily reflect the views of East County Magazine.