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Nothing but the Truth!

April 12, 2010 (San Diego) -- Generally, I don't write too much about religion. I always felt it was none of my business. When Descartes answered the argument "Is there a God?" with "Why not?", I agreed. But the mumbo-jumbo and dogma accompanying most "organized" religion has nothing to do with morality.

"What did the Pope know and when did He know it" are the big questions Catholics need to ask. And when the Church's advisor likened the current crisis to "Jewish Persecution" he was way off base. The criminal acts perpetrated by Catholic Priests should not be simply "confessed" and "forgiven".
Somebody who abuses a deaf child should go to the hottest ring of Hell. Since we don't know if they are eligible, we should at least throw them into prison.
The argument that the Pope can't be deposed or charged because he is the "Head of State" is like saying Ken Lay could not be charged because he was the head of Enron. You don't get a "Get out of Jail Free: card because you are the head of a large
and powerful organization.
At the very least, the Pope should apologize. It would be better if he resigned. Catholics throughout the world are going to have to go to their confessionals and prey for the Pope.
For two thousand years the Catholic Church has abused the trust of people who go to bed at night trusting in its wisdom. They no longer burn witches, Muslims, or Jews, but ruining the lives of young people is worse than murder. They won't be able to cover up this stinker by burning incense. They need to put some Priests in jail. They already know who did it. They should rat them out and put them where they belong. Protecting criminals in an institution isn't protecting the institution, it is protecting criminals.

Will Power is a retired teacher who holds a masters degree in creative writing.

The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of East County Magazine.