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By Billy Ortiz

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November 20, 2012 (Lakeside) --Early in the morning on November 15 in El Monte Valley, I was driving slowly like always, hoping to see a cat. Today was my day--I spotted one close to the road, followed it up the mountain a bit and discovered that there was more than one. Much to my surprise, I saw a second and then a  third bobcat to my right. What I didn't realize was that I had gotten  between the mama and one of her young.

The bobcat stood its ground and began to hiss at me so I backed off slowly about 30 yards and sat down on a rock, hoping they would settle down. They re-grouped and walked around me not toofar off. It was quit an experience that both shook me up and excited me at the same time.

I was able to get some great photos;  they are posted to my face book page, .

The bobcat and her two young kits went back down towards the road so I followed. With the video cam rolling I captured some great footage.

My girlfriend, Pami, and I saw this bobcat last year by herself in the same area; I managed to get a photo of her one evening. She seemed to disappear during  last summer but here she came back with two cubs. I think she learned to eat road kill last year and she has come back to teach the cubs.

Take a drive down El Monte Road in Lakeside and you to might catch a climps of these beautiful wild cats.


The Bobcats

Great work Billy.

Over many years I've seen relatively few wild animals up close in the wild and getting a pic or video is quite a feat. 



Award winning shots (and

Award winning shots (and story) of these elusive little beasts. Thank you!