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Photo credit:  Rebecca Jefferis-Williamson

March 8, 2017 (La Mesa) – Rebecca Jefferis Williamson sent in this photo of trails left by airplanes over Mt. Helix, taken from the Fuerte Street bridge this morning. Some have called these chem trails but they are actually simply water vapor that has condensed/frozen due to cold temperatures high in the atmosphere. The scientific name is contrails.

 Numerous residents in the Mt. Helix and Spring Valley area have recently complained of increased flight traffic over their communities due to a recent FAA change in flight patterns to or from Lindbergh Field.  This image clearly shows a significant number of flights simultaneously traversing the area.

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condensation trails = contrails

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A post has been deleted from this threat for violating our site rules (and possibly the law) with a threat.  Anyone who makes a threat against any person on our site will have their account blocked and will be reported to the Sheriff.

Courteous dialogue and differeing opinions are welcome, preferably backed up with actual facts and links to scientific info on something like this.



Yes they are caused jet engines when water vapor condenses at high cold altitude. However you must continue this thought. Contrails are not persistent in both distance and time. They do not go from horizon to horizon for Gods sake. They don't suddenly appear from an engine then disappear as if turned on and off. Just watch. The patterns you often see are not those of typical air traffic but rather a geometric sky covering pattern. Again just watch. NASA, the USAF, and DARPA has admitted geoenginnering efforts with chemical spraying that's not good for humans. Check your ground water and vegetation for unusually high amounts of heavy metals. Retired USAF


You all need to do a little research on the subject of chemtrails. Its not the same as car vapor. You dont see car vapor trailing for miles behind a car. Chemtrails are real.


And I don't drive my car at 30,000 to 45,000 feet where the temperatures are far below zero. (BTW, your car won't run well, above about 12,000 feet due to the lack of oxygen. )


You see it when the engine had been started and in cold weather. Do you have any research to add?

Busy day

Contrails first seen during WWII. Makes us aware of the actual volume of air traffic.
I often see items regarding a conspiracy. It is a ridiculous as global warming.


Contrails is the correct term and the planes are flying at cruise altitude of around thirty thousand feet, five or six MILES high. They are caused by WATER vapor in the engine's exhaust that condenses in the cold, dry air.
You can see the same effect from an automobile exhaust in cold weather, nothing to see here, move along....


Those are contrails, which are a natural result of high altitudes and cold air temperatures causing the moisture in the warm exhaust to freeze. 'Chemtrails' are fodder for a conspiracy theory. ::grin:: Nice photo, though.

Chem Trails???

Pretty sure what you mean to say is Contrails.... Chemtrails is a really big conspiracy theory, they are basically chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed out the back of the plane while in motion.

Never heard "contrails."

We went with the common term but to be clear, I haven't heard anything convincing in the conspiracy theories and am not an advocate of wild, unproven claims.

Plane Traffic

Those planes are at least 30,000 feet up and would NOT be San Diego departures. The vapor trails are a product of the right atmospheric conditions since it is just frozen water. They could be planes from anywhere in the world.

The plane trails were definitely taken over Mt. Helix.

Rebecca and another of our writers were on their way to our studio on Mt. Helix and the time noted on her photo was a couple of minutes before they arrived here this morning, around noon. 

The planes may have been arrivals rather than departures to Lindbergh, but whichever the case, it does seem to confirm why some residents might issues with noise from numerous planes.

Rebecca didn't have an agenda on this; (she didn't even know of the controversy here). She just thought it was an interesting photo!

Also, I personally observed multiple chem trails this morning whle driving back to Mt. Helix from La Mesa a short time before Rebecca snapped this photo.