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By Miriam Raftery

September 7, 2018 (Washington D.C.) – Newly released documents which Republican leaders tried to block from being admitted into evidence now reveal that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath multiple times during his current confirmation hearing as well as at a prior confirmation hearing for his U.S. District Court seat.  

Lying under oath – perjury—is a federal crime and an impeachable offense for a judge.

Kavanaugh lied under oath about knowing about wireless surveillance programs when he worked for President Bush, about interviewing a controversial judicial nominee, and about receiving stolen and confidential Democratic party documents.

On Wednesday, Judge Kavanaugh testified under oath that he first learned about President George W. Bush’s wireless wiretapping program, also know as the Terrorist Surveillance program, from a New York Times article in 2005. But on Thursday, an email was released proving that back in 2001, Kavanaugh emailed John Yoo, the Bush administration Justice Deparrtment lawyer responsible for the infamous torture memo. Kavanaugh asked Yoo if there were “any results yet” in the “random/constant surveillance of phone and email surveillance of noncitizens in the U.S” to prevent “terrorist criminal violence”, in his own words.

Senator Patrick Leahy revealed that Kavanaugh also committed perjury back in 2006 during his confirmation hearing when asked by the late Senator Ted Kennedy if he was disturbed by inflammatory statements made by judicial nominee William Pryor. Pryor testified he was not involved in selection or vetting of  Judge Pryor and in testimony this week, said he did not review interviewing Pryor this week. And then Senator Leavy entered into the record a formerly confidential email in which Kavanaugh was asked, “How did the Pryor interview go?” and replied, “Call me.”

Kavanaugh lied again in his 2006 confirmation hearing when he denied receiving any Democratic memos stolen off a server by Republican aide Manuel Miranda. But emails released this week show that Miranda sent Kavanaugh an -page email containing cut and pasted, clearly marked Democratic strategy documents marked “confidential.”

Despite compelling evidence of multiple counts of perjury, the Republicans on the Senator Judiciary Committee have shown no concern thus far over these facts, nor of his advice during the Bush administration that a president should not be subject to any criminal proceedings while in office.

President Donald Trump could have chosen any of a number of staunchly conservative judges who haven’t voiced an opinion that presidents should be beyond the reach of criminal justice while in office, and who haven’t committed perjury multiple times in testimony before the Senate. 

In the past, far lesser revelations have resulted in the withdrawal of a nominee, or rejection by the Senate.  But the current Senate leadership seems more concerned with pushing forward partisan political views than with assuring that a nominee appointed to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court has respect for the justice system and has not himself violated federal laws. Nor has the President shown any concerns about his nominee's serious legal and ethical lapses.

As for involvement and coverup of stealing  property from the Democratic Party, during the Watergate Era numerous Nixon administration officials went to prison for such actions, which also led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

You can watch the complete confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh at https://www.c-span.org/search/?sdate=09%2F04%2F2018&edate=09%2F07%2F2018....