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East County News Service

Update: The deceased has been identified as Everett Burgess, 31, of Lemon Grove

January 14, 2020 (San Diego’s East County) – A Lemon Grove motorcyclist who was “splitting lanes at a high rate of speed in stop and go traffic” on State Route 125 northbound near Spring Street in La Mesa died after a multi-vehicle collision this morning, says Officer Travis Garrow with the California Highway Patrol.

The victim, a 31-year-old Lemon Grove man, was riding a 2013 Suzuki GW250 motorcycle at 7:22 a.m. when he sideswiped a Dodge Challenger driven by a Coronado man, 46.  The motorcyclist then veered left and struck the rear of a 2014 Toyota Corolla driven by an El Cajon man, 39.

The crash caused the motorcyclist to be ejected onto traffic lanes.  CHP and fire personnel arrived on scene shortly after the crash. The Lemon Grove motorcyclist was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, where he died of major injuries.

The rider was wearing a full-face helmet; drugs or alcohol are not suspected as factors. 


All subjective

"high rate of speed" does not really say that much. When people are stopped or driving 5-10mph a bike going by at 20-30mph can seem "high rate of speed" to those standing still in cars. People are jumping to the conclusion that the bike was being reckless but its all perspective. Better question is why such a small bike made impact to a car in the #2 lane that resulted in the rider being PUSHED into the #1 lane. Chances are the rider was splitting and the car tried to move over and took the bike out. Not saying motorcycles are never at fault, lot of them drive like idiots. But until you have ridden on a bike and experienced the multiple times you are almost taken out, then you won't understand why splitting is safer. As far as the comments, its a 250cc bike, pretty small. Top speed on the bike is 85 with the wind pushing you and takes a minute to get up to 85. You don't need a fast bike to get yourself killed.

Not a rocket scientist

These reckless, careless and non-caring for other people motorcyclists are being killed in San Diego almost daily, since they have no regard for others since they have little regard for their own safety. I see them daily riding like they have a death wish. Thankfully this motorcyclist did not kill anyone else, though he delayed commuters by an hour or more as they were travelling to work. I feel bad the M/C lost his life, but when I see how reckless so many motorcyclists are, should we really feel too sorry for them?!

The Suzuki

I think that's a small entry level bike, wonder if he had much experience. RIP, I feel sorry for his friends and family.