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By Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

Photos courtesy of  Diane Musgrove, Caffé  Adesso’s Twitter and Youtube

April 12, 2021 (Alpine) – The San Diego Padres and their fans are celebrating pitcher Joe Musgrove’s no hitter game against the Texas Rangers on April 9, 2021 – the first no-hitter in Padres’ history. Musgrove is a local who grew up in El Cajon and graduated from Grossmont High School.

His mother, Diane Musgrove, pitches coffee and other items out of their family business, Caffé Adesso Gourmet Coffee drive-through in Alpine.

Diane Musgrove was the pilar of strength for the family,  according to a story written by MLB writer, Adam Berry. That strength carried over to tending for her husband, Mark, a former law enforcement officer, when he was bedridden with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Diane took the reins of running the coffee shop and raising their three children: Joe, Terra and Marisa.

“My mom was trying to run the coffee shop, play taxi for me, get me to and from school and practice, still be home every night to cook dinner for us kids, then bring the whole pot down to the hospital, and we’d sit in the hospital and would eat with dad,” Joe Musgrove told Berry.

Caffé Adesso, established in 1998, is still up and operating after all the ups and downs of dealing with a family member who has a dramatic change in health.

The  next morning, after Joe Musgrove's no-hitter game,  Caffé Adesso tweeted out, “The #44 is a popular drink this morning.”

Joe Musgrove, 28, wears the number 44 on his jersey in honor of his favorite childhood baseball star, Jake Peavy. 

He will have more than a coffee named after him---the San Diego Padres commissioned a mural of him which is now being painted on a building at Grossmont High School. 

(Photo (r) - Diane Musgrove)

Community members, customers, were lined up on April 10 by to show support for the family.

The coffee shop tweeted on Sunday: "Hi! Just checking in after another amazing day at the shop!  FUN FACT for you...We have gone through 50 PLUS GALLOONS OF COLD BREW in the last two days (emoji) wonder why? Thank you to all of you and a special shout out to our wonderful baristas who absolutely killed it! (emoji)" 

View video of Padres’ fans celebrating at Caffé Adesso:

To see the video of Joe Musgrove’s last out visit the link below:





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