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November 18, 2010 (San Diego) – Congressmen Bob Filner (D-San Diego) is calling for the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee to hold a hearing to examine the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) security screening procedures at airports, including full-body scans and pat downs.

Congressman Filner is requesting the committee investigate claims of constitutional violations and produce recommendations for restoring trust between the public and TSA. He is also asking the committee to closely examine if these enhanced procedures are in fact making travel safer.

The request comes just days after an incident at San Diego International Airport where an area man refused to go through the complete screening process, citing privacy concerns, and as a result was thrown out of the airport.

"People need to know that while every precaution is being taken to keep us safe when we fly, that every precaution is also being taken to protect our privacy,” said Congressman Filner. “We need to restore the people’s confidence that TSA is taking privacy concerns seriously.”

He added, “The public is outraged and that’s understandable - nobody wants to have their privacy invaded. We want to know if these security procedures are necessary. And if so, are we using the best techniques and technology so that security measures are the least invasive as possible.”


Full Body Scan

At a minimum, it would be nice to not be searched each and every time I go on a plane trip since I have artificial hips. I also was not so happy to see the personnel put a wand through my carefully packed clothing after it had already gone through an X-Ray machine. What is the point of checking chemical residue if you already have seen photos and know that there aren't any weapons in the luggage? While I didn't have nearly as bad a time as the other San Diego travellor did, it wasn't pleasant getting a full body check. Why hasn't anyone gone to the Israelis, who are actually under more terrorist threats than we are, and find out how they have been checking for security risks? They sure don't use our system, and it seems to work better than our system! Having said this, I must state that I have never had a single bad experience with the TSA personnel. They have always been courteous and professional in their work.