Elaina Rose Welch



By Hayden Parsley

January 23, 2015 (Lakeside) – Elaina Rose Welch, who was arrested following the deaths of her child and boyfriend on the Barona reservation last week, was released from jail Thursday.

Tribal police responded to a call about an attempted suicide and the Sheriff’s department responded to a call reporting her baby was dead. The police spoke to a man, now known to be her boyfriend, Julio Ricardo Monggiotti; who then entered the home and a shot was heard. Welch exited the home and dropped a shotgun on the road.

When the police entered the home they found the corpse of her baby hidden in a freezer and Monggiotti dead with gunshot wounds to his chest and wrist. This incident had prompted much of the area to be shut down and even SWAT intervention. (See our prior story here.)