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Do you know your rights if ICE comes to your door?

By Miriam Raftery

July 14, 2019 (San Diego) – As part of immigration sweeps across the nation this week, 20 people with final deportation orders were arrested this past week in San Diego County, before the announced date of sweeps that President Donald Trump said would begin Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced.

According to ICE, 85 percent of those arrested had criminal convictions or criminal charges pending that included drug and weapons offenses, hit and run, driving under the influence, theft, domestic violence, fraud, or evading law enforcement.

The other 15 percent had only immigration violations, but all will be processed for deportation.

Across the nation, President Trump’s announcement of the impending sweeps struck fear into immigrant communities, raising fears of family separations and sending some immigrant households into hiding, NPR reports.

Fear, even among legal immigrants or those with family members who are undocumented, has prompted a "Know Your Rights" campaign by civil liberties and immigrant rights groups.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a pre-emptive lawsuit Thursday that aims to protect asylum seekers, those who came to the U.S. seeking a safe haven from violence in their homelands.

It is unclear how many of those being swept up in the current crackdown may be asylum seekers who asked for asylum legally at the border, versus people who crossed the border illegally.

On Saturday, immigrant rights groups held protests across the nation organized by a group calling itself Lights for Liberty, including a protest held outside an ICE detention facility at Otay Mesa in San Diegoi County..

The ACLU has set up a “Know Your Rights” webpage to advise immigrants of their Constitutional rights.

If ICE or other law enforcement officers come to your home, the ACLU advises to keep the door closed and speak to them through the door.  Ask if they are immigration agents and why there are there.  Ask to see a badge or ID through a window or the peephole on your door.

Ask if they have a warrant signed by a judge, and if they do, ask them to slide it under the door or hold it up to a window for you to read it.  

If they don’t, you can tell them you don’t consent to entry.  If they force their way in, say,  “I do not consent to your entry or to your search. I am exercising my right to remain silent. I wish to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.”

You have a right to remain silent, even if the officers have a warrant. 

A warrant for deportation or removal, Form I-205, does NOT allow officers to enter your home without your consent.

But an arrest warrant  or a search warrant signed by a  judge does give officers the right to enter. They are also allowed to enter if you’re on probation with a search condition.

Don’t lie or show any false documents, and don’t sign anything without talking with a lawyer first, the ACLU advises.

You can find more resources at, including what to do if stopped by  ICE officers on the streets, at work or other locations.



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Contributing to Discussion or Platitudes, Ad Hominem Attacks

Full Title Not Shown: Posting Comments to Contribute to a Discussion or Posting Platitudes, 30-second Soundbites and/or Ad Hominem Attacks

Some commenters have attacked me for including my degree with my name. While I am proud of my accomplishments, my parents and grandparents even more so, given they only had high school educations, the ad hominem attacks on me, are evidence of some commenters incapability of defending their positions. I don’t need my degree to defend my positions as they are based on devoting time and energy and can be backed with extensive references..

This is not about degrees. One of my favorite books of all time was written by a longshoreman with little formal education; but with a voracious appetite for reading, Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” and the man who introduced my parents didn’t have a high school diploma; ran a small business and read tons of books on history, politics, biography. In fact, he introduced me to Wahrenbrocks Books where I fell in love with books. In his latter years, when SDSU began a program where seniors could enroll in one free course per term, he did so, priding himself on getting Cs; but he also took pride in my achievements.

I would recommend “The True Believer” to everyone and anyone.

For instance, one of the commenters using ad hominem attacks, Barry A. Treahy writes: “The article stated "violence in their homelands". Why is it the story of violence that is written by ACLU and other obstructionist agencies of non citizens; never provides specifics regarding documented homeland violence?” and “Would you have us believe the 30 or 50 million already, went to a judge for asylum hearings? Seems I heard that after checking in, almost every "processed Illegal" disappears and does not show up hearing day. I'll bet the Government has statistics on "how many actually went before a judge”.” He heard??? So miriam found statistics and one can find dozens of articles, including government reports on the topics. If someone challenges something I write, I do further research, if I find valid papers refuting what I wrote, I admit it; but if I find numerous additional credible papers, I include them in a new comment. Not Treahy. He attacks my degree writing with title Dr. vs American: “The doctor that posts here smacks of Anti American. I believe in America, the Republic, Constitution, Bill of Rights, rule of law, language, history and flag.” and “Your articles smack of too much personal involvement, from the Professors desk, and attitude that also smacks Anti American. Your data is historical in nature, and I try to be forward looking and see what is happening around me, and now. Most of the postings, including mine, are exactly that............what is happening now and what we should be doing about it.”

First, in order to “be doing” things now, we need to understand how we got to now, what problems exist, and then how to rectify them. Treahy is angry that I blamed refugees on our government lying to us in order to use the CIA and U.S. military to further the interests of American corporation. Well, I think most Americans are aware how money, especially corporate money, buys many of our politicians. Some examples:

In 2008 our banking system almost destroyed the American and World economy. Bankers, who prior, had made good money, began creating fake mortgages, NINJAs (no income, no jobs, no assets) in order to make additional commissions. They then bundled these and sold on the stock market, getting additional commissions. Years ago, local banks held mortgages, so if they went south, the bank lost; but by bundling them and selling them, they faced no loss. So we bailed them out at the cost eventually of trillions of dollars. No one went to jail, no one lost their jobs, no one individually was fined. In fact, they collected bonuses and the banks too big to fail were subsidized to purchase smaller banks, becoming even too “bigger” to fail. Could we have done otherwise? First, in 1999, Brooksley Borne testified before Congress that newer types of instruments on the stock market needed to become transparent and regulated; but numerous officials, including Alan Greenspan, Tim Geightner, etc. testified not needed and these people all became involved in the rescue. However, we did take over Fanny Mae, kept most of the employees, just got rid of the higher ups responsible for the problems, stabliized her, etc. We could have done the same with the banks. In the 1990s two of the largest banks in Sweden were about to collapse, so the government took them over, stabilized them, and turn them back within a couple of years to the private sector. To add insult to injury, the bail out money was supposed to be used to help embattled home owners. The banks outsourced this to private companies who got a commission for each mortgage they dealt with. They found it took less time to foreclose to earn the commission than renegotiate mortgages. In fact, they foreclosed on homes that had been paid for or were up to date on payments. Since the banks bundled mortgages and sold them, they didn’t bother to keep records.

While the greedy bankers and then the greedy outsourced mortgage renegotiating companies destroyed the lives of millions of Americans and took trillions of dollars of taxpayer monies that could have been used much better, we were locking up minority kids for possession of drugs, sometimes for 5 - 10 years, allowing ever increasing profits for the private for-profit prison industry. So bankers, who could have earned a good living while being honest, seriously hurt millions of people and our government even allowed them to collect bonuses.

Several years ago, Congress voted 100s of billions of dollars to build a new tank, one that the military over and over again said it did not want nor did not need; but great for one tank building corporation.

And when pharmaceutical and other companies withhold clear data that their product either doesn’t work and/or causes serious harm, does anyone go to prison? Almost never and the fines, though they seem huge, are less than the profits they made.

Most people understand the above, the revolving door between Congress and working for the companies, so when I write that our government has been lying to us, using our military to further the interests of private corporations, either getting access to raw materials or simply selling weapons, why is that so hard to believe? I gave several references and can give more.

As for the Bill of Rights, yep, maybe the first of its kind, something I love; but has it been implemented? Most Americans don’t know that it only applied to the Federal Government. Most of the states had state churches. Jefferson’s 1803 letter to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptists which stated their shall be a wall of separation of church and state was a response to this. At the time, if not a member of state sanctioned church, often one could not hold office, serve on juries, and were discriminated against, even persecuted. It wasn’t until after the Civil War with the 14th Amendment that the Bill of Rights “officially” applied to the states. However, our courts, including the Supreme Court ignored this, only beginning to apply the Bill of Rights to the states beginning in the 20th Century.

One example: With America’s entry into World War I, Wilson passed the Alien and Espionage laws. People were actually found guilty for being overheard saying: “this war is just to make money for corporations.” They received draconian sentences and were often brutalized by prison guards. Our Supreme Court backed the Wilsonian laws. In fact, if one reads the history of our Supreme Court, from the beginning it has for the most part ignored the Constitution and Bill of Rights, ruling in favor of government, corporations and the rich (see references below).

So, am I anti-American because I believe in the Bill of Rights; but point out that we haven’t lived up to it? Am I anti-American because I point out that our government often lies to us, using our taxes, risking our young loyal military, to further corporate interests, to kill, maim, cripple, and impoverish people in Third World nations. Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq were threats to us. Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, nor was he allied with Al Qaeda. He was a secularists and they had a Fatwa against him. So, we have spent literally trillions of dollars on useless, brutal wars, dollars that could have been used to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, to improve access to quality health care, etc.

Loving someone or something, doesn’t mean turning a blind eye, allowing bad things to continue. We applauded the Truth and Reconciliation hearings in South Africa and Argentina. Hypocritical not to do the same.

I could go on and on; but people like Treahy won’t listen. Since they represent a large segment of voters, easily swayed by platitudes and 30-second soundbites, not willing to take the time to actually study a subject, e.g., U.S. foreign policy, they actually hurt themselves as well. The trillions spent destroying Third World countries is monies that could have benefited us and them, including not having to deal with the refugees such policies created.

Ignorance may be short-term bliss; but in the long run it can be devastating. So, instead of attacking me, it would be nice if Treahy and others would actually read what I write, do some research, and either change their minds or defend their positions.

I realize they won’t. The world is complicated and people want black and white solutions. Once decided upon, they get reinforced by believing they are in the right, reinforced by other like-minded and avoid the unpleasantness of devoting time and energy to learning, and admitting they had been, sometimes, wrong, the painful cognitive dissonance resulting from this.

One other commenter, DeplorableGirl, admits that she isn’t interested in a dialogue to further knowledge, just posting to irritate people. However, her comments come from one website that supports white supremacy and eugenic and from rabid antivaccinationists. It would be hard to believe that she just found these to use to irritate. More than likely these are websites and people whose message she, at least to some extent, supports. I asked her if she was a global warming denier and what she thought of evolution; but no response. So, we get Treahy with empty platitudes, 30-second soundbites, and statements lacking any backing, with his ad hominem attacks and DeplorableGirl whose only goal is to irritate; but in doing so, reveals her biases. What a waste. As the old saying goes: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

I’ve already given a number of references in other comments which I’m sure few to none checked out; but three more that document our Supreme Court’s history:

Erwin Chemerinsky (2015 Sep 29). The Case Against the Supreme Court.

Peter Irons (1999). A People’s History of the Supreme Court.

Geoffrey R. Stone (2004). Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime: From the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terror.

Dr. No

I can see there is no common ground with a PHD who treats public comments like classroom students, showering them with personal knowledge, ego, books, quotes, reads, etc. exercising the "pen is mightier than the sword" crap. Dr. No, you failed with me to find that common ground of which I always try to seek. There is no connection and no debate. You have the floor,I don't find agreement with you and please, don't trip over yourself.

Dr. No

If common ground means unquestioning ignorance, yep, we have NO common ground. As I wrote in another comment, I've had friends, most passed now, who represented libertarian to communist, Jewish, Christian, intelligently, could listen and question, could agree sometimes, disagree other times, and compromise sometimes; but we learned from each other and never stopped being friends. 

Consumed with yourself

You are so deep in your qualifications, experience, knowledge, common sense, history, ideology etc. that you possibly don't get my point. I take nothing from you. I want nothing from you. I am not and do not want to be your friend. I have been educated, have a teaching credential among other things. If you want to conduct classes, please don't do it here. Post your narratives and references, but please walk away from the chalk board. Life is simple and so should be the postings.


Well said, sir. There are those here who insist I'm an a-hole, but as usual, they've got it all wrong. I’m not an a-hole, I’m a hemorrhoid. My job here is to irritate a-holes. :) KAGA


So, your job isn't to exchange well-thought out ideas in order for both sides to grow, learn, improve; but just to irritate. Well, you've failed miserably because all your comments have done is dig ever deeper holes for you.

However, you are good for a bit of comic relief. Sometimes dealing with people incapable of actually formulating intelligent ideas is nice for a change. I devote most of my time to trying to learn as many sides of an issue as possible. Despite not being an economist, for instance, I've read Adam Smith and David Ricardo, founders of market economics, F.A. Hayek, founder of Liberatianism, Milton Friedman, Karl Marx and many more, as many sides as possible and interestingly, I've found points in all of them that I agreed with as the world is a complex place; but points I disagreed with as well. So, once in a while, someone like you, is good for a bit of respite. I'm still sorry Miriam deleted your calling me a narcissist, a rather amusing idiosyncratic use of the word. How presenting ideas backed with references is narcissistic seems weird.

Dr. vs American

Many people have carried a handle, I did but dropped it when I retired. As you can see, I dropped my e-mail handle and substituted my full real name here. I have a Doctor in the family and she never refers herself as Dr. Charmaine but just Charmaine. I like that because she is not validating herself in the presence of others to make a case. The doctor that posts here smacks of Anti American. I believe in America, the Republic, Constitution, Bill of Rights, rule of law, language, history and flag. All of that has been compromised by immigrants this current decade and mostly by Mexicans in my country, waving the Mexican flag in our face and declaring we are taking California back. I can see by other postings that some of my thinking matches, whereby not so for Dr. No. I find he tries to validate his position by many references and his title. I apologize if my comments are to person specific however as the judge said "overruled"! I want things done and/or fixed now and do not want to continue going backwards like the outdated references and using them to validate now and tomorrow. No to "illegals", no to immigration as we have too many people now and no to reparations. Tomorrow is coming, lets make the best of it.

Dr. vs American

How absurd. So everyone with a degree is NOT an American??? As for Mexicans, etc., I suggest you read a book by Ronald Takaki, "A DIfferent Mirror: A History of Multicultural America." He makes a compelling argument that this nation was built by many cultures. You might learn something. As for validating my position with many references, yep, I do my homework. Miriam also posted comments referrring to actual studies. I could give a list of studies, including by the Federal Reserve, that have found immigrants, even illegal ones, contribute more to this nation than they get. As for believing in America, the Republic, Constitution etc. says absolutely nothing. Meaningless platitudes and 30-second soundbites.What do you think of the 3/5ths clause that gave slave-owning states added representation? (check out an excellent history of how the Constitution came to be: Alfred Blumrosen. Slave Nation: How Slavery United the Colonies and Sparked the American Revolution. He makes a compelling argument that it wasn't taxation; but slavery as slave-owning states were afraid Great Britain was going to outlaw it, which they did. And it only took 650,000 dead to amend the 3/5th clause, the Civil War).

As I wrote below, I'm tired of people who make empty statements, who are incapable of actually defending their positions. And I will continue to use my degrees. My parents and grandparents were proud of my accomplishment, none of them went beyond high school. And, again, absolutely absurd to put Dr. contra American. Absurd! The fact that you find others equally incapable of defending their positions, so what?

I am an immigrant...

...and I don't feel threatened by any of this! I am a legal immigrant, I earned my citizenship! But I do feel threatened when my right to self-defense with a firearm, "the equalizer", is infringed on.

U.S. to blame for horrors in refugee nations

In 1953 Guatemala had an elected government. At the time, the United Fruit Company had the only railroad and charged triple the rates as railroads in the US. The United Fruit Company also "owned" land that went unused in which they gave low-end value to reduce their taxes. The new Guatemalan government, in a nation with high infant mortality and mass poverty, wanted to better the lives of its citizens, so it purchased the unused United Fruit acreage at the prices United Fruit declared and began to build a separate rail line. It then gave the acreage to Guatemalans. Keep in mind that the land had been obtained by United Fruit from the corrupt dictatorship that preceded the new democracy. So, Allen Dulles, brother of US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, told the American people it was a communitst take-over and the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government. The result was the deaths over the years of more than 150,000 Guatemalans, killed by the dictatorship, fake democracy, that we backed and criminal gangs. This is just one example of the US Government directly destroying hopes in Third World nations in order to further the interests of American corporations, telling Americans we are using CIA and our military to further democracy, to combat communism. Once lied to, Americans, like many people, don't want to be forced to admit they had been fooled, plus don't want to take responsibility for the people hurt, so . . .

And, while the taxpayer funded all these interventions, corporations made fortunes, while the taxpayers got basically nothing. The monies spent on the "criminal war crimes by us" could have been used in this country for infrastructure, health care, education, and a less costly, that is far less than what we spent, foreign aid that actually would have helped the people in Third World nations.

For anyone actually interested, the following document the horrors our government has caused, while lying to the American people. I challenge anyone with a conscience to read the following and then say, if they have any sense of justice, that we owe these people nothing;

Williams Blum (2003). Killing Hope: US Military & CIA Interventions since World War II. Available at: [also for purchase on

Major General Smedley Butler   War Is A Racket. Available at:  [Butler is the most decorated marine in American history]

Mason Gaffney (March 2018). Corporate Power and Expansive U.S. Military Policy. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Vol. 77, No. 2. Pages 331 - 417. Available at:

Stephen C. Schlesinger (1983). Bitter Fruit: The Untold Story of the American Coup in Guatemala. Inexpensive copies available on  Also available San Diego Public Library

U.S. to blame for horrors in refugee nations

I really find it tiresome when people thow out opinions without any reference to credible sources. I gave a number of references. Try actually reading in depth about things, think about them, then form an opinion. As an example, look at Africa. European nations created artificial boundaries, combining different tribes while splitting tribes. In actuality, several African nations had quite advance civilizations, some even had developed technologies and welfare systems; however, Europeans had the weapons of war and the ruthlessness to use them. PBS has an excellent series Africa's Great Civilizations. Watch it. You might learn something.

And US history doesn't just involve what we did to other countries; but a long history of brutality towards native Americans, e.g., An Indigenous History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

You can't change History

Your articles smack of too much personal involvement, from the Professors desk, and attitude that also smacks Anti American. Your data is historical in nature, and I try to be forward looking and see what is happening around me, and now. Most of the postings, including mine, are exactly that............what is happening now and what we should be doing about it. Perhaps you should be looking and taking a cross section of what is here and see if the common thread is about America, Constitution, Rule of Law, Language, Flag, History, culture, and specifically Sovereignty etc. Not behind us, but in front.

You can't change History

My attitude smack Anti American. Golly gee. Ever heard of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. The Anti-Federalist papers were dead set against the Constitution. There leader was Thomas Jefferson. I guess, based on your way of looking at things, Jefferson must have been Anti American. During the Vietnam War I was involved in protests. In the university library were books on Vietnamese history, clearly hating the Chinese. In addition, Ho Chi Minh was an admirer of Thomas Jefferson, beginning his 1946 independence speech with "We hold these truths to be self-evident . . ." And at the same time our politicians were talking about the Domino Theory, we were extolling Tito's independent communist Yugoslavia. Most Americans today who have taken the time to actually study the Vietnam War, including the Pentagon Papers, agree it was not just a mistake; but a war crime, we targeted schools, hospitals, etc. So, did we who protested against the Vietnam War hate America? I protested against our attack on Iraq, based on Bush claiming Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was in league with Al Qaeda. Both not even remotely true. I met the 2nd in command of the UN Weapons Inspectors, so our attack on Iraq was both types of war crimes, attack was war of aggression, not defense and we blew up Iraq cities power plants and water treatment plants, civilian targets, 2nd type of war crime. So, was my protesting a display of hating America or trying to stop us from an unnecessary, brutal war? 

As for Constitution, Rule of Law, History, culture, meaningless words. Rule of Law? We helped write international laws on war crimes, signed and ratifed them. So, our attack on Vietnam and Iraq certainly weren't based on rule of law. And on and on it goes. 

I guess when you see someone you care about making a mistake, you keep it to yourself because caring is never criticizing.

As for my article smack of too much personal involvement, yikes! I build my articles based on devoting time and energy into learning about subjects, back with references, and that's personal; but your shallow comments using platitudes and 30-second soundbites, displaying someone who thinks that NEVER questioning, always defending ones nation is a display of what exactly???

You remind me of antivaccinationists I've exchanged comments with. Several don't understand any of the basics of vaccinology; but, all the same, know they are right. I guess it is nice to think one is right, knows far more than someone who devotes time and energy into learning things. Unfortunately, all it means is you are close-minded.

Tripping over ACLU and the media

The article stated "violence in their homelands". Why is it the story of violence that is written by ACLU and other obstructionist agencies of non citizens; never provides specifics regarding documented homeland violence? Hundreds of thousands coming into my country claiming asylum against violence------------- please match up a violence claim for each and start publishing them for us to see and understand. I can just imagine, a judge listening to hundreds, perhaps thousands of empty unverifiable claims. When an enforcement officer in "my Country" stops me, I have to prove who I am and cooperate with him or go to jail. Seems that deporting "illegals' should be just as easy, prove who you are and show evidence for asylum or about face!. Shouldn't go no further, even to court!

Tripping over ACLU and the media

Try reading my comment above, U.S. Responsible for Horrors in Third World. It includes a list of references. For once in your life, rather than using platitudes and 30 second soundbites, try actually devoting some time to reading on a subject, then think about it, then form an opinion, not just an opinion based on your need to believe that we are great.

Council on Foreign Relations story on violent triangle asylees

are fleeing from in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras has an in-depth background on the problems there:

Resources make it impossible to cover the thousands of asylum hearings going on across the nation, but judges have strict criteria they must follow.  They can't just admit people based on their word. Their must be credible evidence to grant asylum. If threats have been documented against someone, or a loved one was murdered for not giving in to blackmail and there are news reports, those are two examples. If someone has been beaten by gangs and hospitalized, there could be medical records, or if they filed police reports in their home countries reporting threats or vioelnce, for example.



Are you talking about the 30 or 40 million already here?

Would you have us believe the 30 or 50 million already, went to a judge for asylum hearings? Seems I heard that after checking in, almost every "processed Illegal" disappears and does not show up hearing day. I'll bet the Government has statistics on "how many actually went before a judge".

Which year?

Looking through your data, from 2013 to 2018, some information about shows vs no shows: I don't believe the data and it was lacking in current numbers. We have been experiencing the lack of Government control and oversight. The actual numbers of "illegals in America" are whose responsibility? When I was working, I opened a car trunk for the Police and out came two "illegals". That was years ago and the Police told me "it is policy to let them go". Nothing changed, "illegals' being released today and/or dumped in the U.S. Pelosci and the Democrats crap on our system to enable new arrivals to register Democrat! The DOJ and FBI was a mess as well as the unresolved criminal activities of Clintons and O'bamas. I don't believe data coming out of their service which ended when President Trump took office. As to the comment "they don't like this president" that certainly is spot on for Pelosci, Schummer, the white dress female Democrats in Congress and self made wealthy Senators that accumulated it on our dime. Me? I love my Country, flag, Constitution, Bill of Rights, language, culture, history, rule of law! Rule of law! HAS TO STOP AT OUR BORDER and that creepy Congress needs to revisit the definition of patriotism.

Wrong, you've got your number backwards.

"Over the last 20 years, 37 percent of all aliens free pending trial failed to appear for their hearings. From the 2,498,375 foreign nationals outside detention during their court proceedings, 1,219,959 were ordered removed, 75 percent of them (918,098) for failing to appear. Only 25 percent of this group — some 301,861 people — actually litigated their claims." Courting Disaster Absent attendance and absent enforcement in America’s immigration courts

Wrong, you've got your number backwards

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is an anti-immigration think tank. It favors far lower immigration numbers, and produces research to further those views. The CIS was founded by John Tanton, a eugenicist and white nationalist.

Do you know what a eugenicist is? Try watching PBS "The Eugenics Crusade" Having read quite a bit about it, you might find it interesting that Nazi Germany modeled its laws, including sterilizing "undesirables" on American laws, even welcomed several leading American eugenicists to help formulate the laws. 

So, way to go. You found a website known for biased studies created to further what most decent Americans would find abhorent. So, using the name DeplorableGirl suits you!!!

All propaganda, we're being used!

"Migrants from all three countries cite violence, forced gang recruitment, and extortion, as well as poverty and lack of opportunity, as their reasons for leaving". Bull, jobs, Government handouts, better environment and services etc. are the draw. It is not our responsibility as Americans in our Sovereign nation, to accept, less be overrun by those that want more. Further it seems in the read that the "illegals" themselves are the source of the reasons picked up by the media to support the "legitimacy" of support for them. Americans first! Rule of law always! Help they neighbor, yes, within the confines of our Republic!