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Meeting Nov. 12 planned for communities of color concerned about the election outcome

By Miriam Raftery

Photo: Estela de los Rios, past victim of a hate crime in El Cajon

November 11, 2016 (San Diego) – Maria, a maid and legal U.S. resident who has raised her daughter here,  tearfully put her elderly,  frail mother on a plane Wednesday night and said goodbye,  perhaps forever.  “She is going back to Mexico, before Donald Trump can deport her,” Maria told East Magazine.

President-Elect Trump has vowed to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America—including those brought here as children and the parents of U.S. citizens.  Even children who were brought here as babies, who have never known any other home.  Even ill and elderly parents such as Maria’s mother,  who has survived cancer and suffers from  diabetes.  Maria fears she is too ill to survive long on her own in Mexico—but the prospect of her mother languishing in a detention camp was even more frightening.

Prominent Latino leader Estela De Los Rios of El Cajon posted on Facebook after the election results, “my grandkids are devastated and I heard other children were crying at school.”   De Los Rios,  daughter of agricultural workers,  was a victim of a hate crime several years ago at her office in El Cajon. She fears for the safety and future of undocumented immigrants and others who could be victimized based on their ethnicity. Hate crimes have risen sharply around the nation since news of Trump's election.

Enrique Morones,  founder of Border Angels,  an immigrant rights organization in San Diego, posted on his Facebook page, ”As we all reflect on this historic election, we need to remember to honor the results. Love has no borders.”  But he added that in the first 24 hours after the election,”We have received numerous questions from  members of our community about what will happen with their immigration status, what will happen with DACA,  DAPA (the presidents’ executive orders protecting children and parents)  and so much more.”

He has noted in a Union-Tribune interview that familes are “terrified” and that young people who appliedfor the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) now fear deportation since the government has a record of them as undocumented immigrants.

Border Angels provides free immigration attorneys each Tuesday evening starting at 6 p.m. at theBorder Angels office in the Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258 Island Avenue,  and on the first Sunday each month at the US/Mexico border at Friendship Park. 

The group also provides water in the desert for migrants as a humanitarian effort.  Morones  has told the UT he fears smugglers may prey on would-be immigrants fears, prompting a last-ditch effort to cross the border before  Trump can follow through on his pledge to build a wall. That could prompt more deaths in the mountains and desert as winter approaches.

Trump continues to stoke fears among immigrants with his appointment of Chris Kobach, architect of  anti-immigration and voter suppression laws, to serve as immigration advisor on Trump’s transition team. Among other things,Kobach also helped draft anti-immigration laws through the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal arm of FAIR,  a designated hate group,  according to theSouthern Poverty Law Center.   

Undocumented aren’t the only ones with concerns.  Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and endorsement by the Ku Klux Klan have sparked fears in Middle Eastern and African-American residents as well.

On Saturday,  November12 from10:30 to 12:30 p.m.   a meeting for communities of color concerned about the election outcome particularly for young people will be held at the Martin Luther KingCenter community room, 6401 Skyline Drive in San Diego, led by psychologist Dr. Vangie Akridge.  For more information on this free event, contact JoAnn Fields, (619)884-9886,  coordinator ofPro-ActiveCivic Engagement  (PACE).

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Since the '60s Civil Rights and equality

have become issues pushed forward by Democrats, while Republicans have resisted and tried to gut theVoting Rights Act,  affirmative action etc.


It's true that Democrats in the South had an ugly stain of racism historically but the parties hvae flip flopped on that issue in the past  60 years---isn't it more important to focus on where they stand today?

Republican Richard Nixon established the  EPA but today Repubilcans are trying to weaken pollution regulatoins. Parties  have flip flopped on many issues through the years.  I advise people to focus on the last couple of decades more than actions nearly a century ago.

As for FDR despite one racist cabinet official his jobs creation efforts put many people of all races to work,  and he did not run on a platform of segregation and hate.



... when you break a law you get caught. Then you get to pay the price for your act. If Marie has not broken any laws then she should not worry. I don't understand why this simple concept is so hard for some people to understand?


Would truly like to see your Bio ECD and all the love and happiness you have brought to those closest to you and those that have crossed your path in life. I'll wager it's a sight to behold!

And there you go.

Typical liberal response. Instead of responding to my post and putting across your own data, facts, figures, and studies you go for slander and personal attacks. That genecarp would be Checkmate. Thanks for playing. :) Say it with me President Donald J Trump. America's President. He will Make America Great Again even it you don't.

Genecarp you have no concept of history.

It is not just well documented but a proven fact it was the democrats that created the KKK.
Won't bore you with tons of facts and figures because you won't even read them. I'll make it REALLY simple.
Fact: The Democrat Party has been the liberal party for over 100 years.
Fact: The KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party.
Fact: Robert Byrd was the longest standing liberal democrat U.S. Representative and Senator from 1953 until 2010 and a member of the KKK.
Fact: The KKK was strongest (2.6 million members) During Woodrow Wilson.
Fact: Woodrow Wilson played "Birth of a Nation" in the White House.

The parties have flip-flooped on race and other issues.

What's important is the recent history, more than ancient history.  Lyndon B.  Johnson, a  Democrat, pushed through the Civil Rights movemenent and since then it has been primarily Democrats promoting equality among races while the efforts to gut the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action,  for instance, have come from  Republicans.


Parties have flip flopped and realigned many times through the years on other issues too.


The immigration laws/procedures for the USA are much the same as any country world-wide. There is a process for becoming a US citizen. If you decide to bypass the legal process, then you must accept the consequences if you are caught. The laws must apply to all. For years I worked in Mexico, but not before I applied for (and paid for) and was issued the necessary permits and documents. If I hadn't, I would have been arrested and deported.

WOW talk about an angry snowflake.

Really? Scared that you will be deported because you are a legal citizen? It always make me chuckle when these liberals slander conservatives and Republicans with the racist, sexist etc. etc.
How about I "School you" on the real facts of racism in America and its roots in the very side you believe protects you from us "evil" Republicans.
Apparently this has occurred to no one because our excellent public education system ensures that no American under the age of 60 has the slightest notion of this country’s history. Gun control laws were originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. This allowed the Democratic policy of slavery to proceed with fewer bumps and, after the Civil War, allowed the Democratic Ku Klux Klan to menace and murder black Americans with little resistance. (Contrary to what illiterates believe, the KKK was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party, with overlapping membership rolls. The Klan was to the Democrats what the American Civil Liberties Union is today: Not every Democrat is an ACLU’er, but every ACLU’er is a Democrat. Same with the Klan.)"

"..the Republican Party and a Republican President, Ulysses Grant, destroyed the KKK with their Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.

How did the Ku Klux Klan re-emerge in the 20th century? For that, the Democratic Party is to blame. It was a racist Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson, who premiered Birth of a Nation in the White House. That racist movie was based on a racist book written by one of Wilson’s racist friends from college.

In 1915, the movie spawned the modern-day Klan, with its burning crosses and white sheets.

Inspired by the movie, some Georgia Democrats revived the Klan. Soon, the Ku Klux Klan again became a powerful force within the Democratic Party. The KKK so dominated the 1924 Democratic Convention that Republicans, speaking truth to power, called it the Klanbake.

In the 1930s, a Democrat President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, appointed a Klansman, Senator Hugo Black (D-AL), to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the 1950s, the Klansmen against whom the civil rights movement struggled were Democrats. The notorious police commissioner Bull Connor, who attacked African-Americans with dogs and clubs and fire hoses, was both a Klansman and the Democratic Party’s National Committeeman for Alabama. Starting in the 1980s, the Democratic Party elevated a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), to third-in-line for the presidency."

"Though Democratic leaders would later attribute Ku Klux Klan violence to poorer southern whites, the organization's membership crossed class lines, from small farmers and laborers to planters, lawyers, merchants, physicians and ministers. In the regions where most Klan activity took place, local law enforcement officials either belonged to the Klan or declined to take action against it, and even those who arrested accused Klansmen found it difficult to find witnesses willing to testify against them. Other leading white citizens in the South declined to speak out against the group's actions, giving them tacit approval. After 1870, Republican state governments in the South turned to Congress for help, resulting in the passage of three Enforcement Acts, the strongest of which was the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871."
So PLEASE when you throw the "Race Card" at least acknowledge the fact that it was started by the democrat party and has been used to keep minorities from achieving greatness.
Trump will give those minorities the opportunities if they so chose to grab the brass ring. Let's let them.