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By Miriam Raftery

Photos: National Weather Service storm images in Campo and El Cajon, plus lightning totals.

July 25, 2019 (San Diego’s East County)  - San Diego County had 145 lightning strikes during a 24-hour period ending at 6 p.m. last night. Thunderstorms doused East County’s mountain and rural areas, producing some dramatic downpours and striking images. 

Even the usually parched desert community of Borrego Springs logged .21 inches in just 10 minutes. Borrego resident Bob Kutscher described the deluge as “BIG loud windblown drops that I thought was hail but ended up being very loud rainfall.”


Isolated thunderstorms are forecast to continue in the mountains and deserts Friday. This weekend, increasing heat will raises temperatures into the 110s in San Diego’s desert areas Saturday and Sunday.

Monsoon moisture is forecast to return early next week and continue through mid-week, so keep your umbrellas handy.

If you hear thunder or see lightning, go indoors or into a vehicle and stay there for at least 30 minutes after the thunder stops, since lightning can strike 10 miles or more away, even if there are blue skies overhead.  Stay out of swimming pools or other water sources whenever thunder roars.   



Heat and Humidity

When will SDG&E end the "Heat Tax" imposed on East County residents? I can't turn my A/C off from four to nine PM because  I overheat easily and sweat a lot. The temperature in my house is 79 at seven PM. I have one window A/C on now and will start another soon. I have one bedroom and bathroom isolated from the rest of my house by closed doors and a curtain to try to save money I can afford the high bills but many are stressed having to choose between paying their bill or buying food.

Some people have additional costs to protect their pets and livestock  during the days of high temperatures.