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By Ed and Donna Tisdale, Morning Star Ranch, Tierra Del Sol (Boulevard)

September 25, 2012 (Boulevard)-- As long-term residents of the Tierra Del Sol area of Boulevard (not Campo as so many reported), our family is shocked and saddened at the loss of life, homes, treasured possessions and memories, historic Hi Pass, pets, wildlife, ancient oaks, and fragrant old growth chaparral that will take years to recover.

Our condolences and prayers for strength go out to our friends and neighbors who have suffered during the swift and horrific events surrounding and following the Shockey Fire.

The incinerated devastation of the physical and visual atmosphere, peaceful ambience, and extensive wildlife habitat of this special place are shocking and heartbreaking for those of us who love it and make sacrifices to live here, and to those who put themselves at risk to protect and serve. Several senior fire fighters told us that they were even shocked at the speed of this beastly fire. Unconfirmed suspicions of arson were also raised by more than one professional.

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation, gratitude, and praise to all those who came to the aid of our neighborhood and community including friends, neighbors, fire fighters on the ground and in the air from near and far, including those from our conservation camps, other emergency personnel who went door to door before and after the fire, who managed traffic, and who offered a helping hand, and those who kept us updated on the course of events and damages. Fire crews and others are still hard at work here mopping up and helping to keeping us safe.

We also extend a special thank you to the Campo Kumeyaay Nation and their significant contributions to the  firefighting efforts and for hosting the fire command post, the initial emergency center, and for providing a general place of refuge and refueling for those in need.  Thank you so much!