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August 30 (Sunday, 3:00 pm)This is a numbered event – numbers for the signing line are free with the purchase of Secondhand Souls from Mysterious Galaxy, available August 25, starting at 10:00 am. If you are planning to attend the event, please do not place your order through the web site as all such orders are processed after the event. Instead, please come by or call the store and purchase the book on or after the on-sale date.

From the prologue to Secondhand Souls: “(Selected from the Great Big Book of Death: First Edition) ‘Congratulations, you have been chosen to act as Death, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. It is your duty to retrieve soul vessels from the dead and dying and see them on to their next body. If you fail, Darkness will cover the world and Chaos will reign.’” MG fave Christopher Moore continues the tale of reluctant incarnation of Death, Charlie Asher, introduced in A Dirty Job.

Readers can also pick-up Stripey F*@K Throx — package of 3 “fashion” socks with Chris Moore/Independent Bookstore Day messaging — while supplies last.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

August 30 (Sunday, 12:00 pm)As part of our ongoing Weekend with Locals Program we will be hosting Antonio Vianna author of Far From Ordinary: A Novel.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

August 31 (Monday, 7:30 pm)Warwick's is hosting author and former Navy pilot Anne A. Wilson to present her debut novel, Hover. Anne A. Wilson graduated with the 10th class of women admitted to the United States Naval Academy. She served nine years active duty as a navy helicopter pilot, which included serving in the Persian Gulf. Wilson and her crew were named Helicopter Aircrew of the Year in 1997 by the Naval Helicopter Association for the rescue of 13 people in a flood that affected Reno, Yosemite, and surrounding areas.

Helicopter pilot Lt. Sara Denning joins a navy battle group with little fanfare—and that’s just the way she likes it. After her brother Ian’s tragic death, her career path seemed obvious: step into his shoes and enter the Naval Academy, despite her fear of water. Sara’s philosophy is simple—blend in, be competent, and above all, never do anything to stand out as a woman in a man’s world.

Somewhere along the way, Sara lost herself—her feminine, easygoing soul is now buried under so many defensive layers, she can’t reach it anymore.

When she meets strong, self-assured Lt. Eric Marxen, her defenses start to falter. Eric coordinates flight operations for a Navy SEAL team that requests Sara as the exclusive pilot. This blatant show of favoritism causes conflict with the other pilots; Sara's sexist boss seems intent on making her life miserable, and her roommate and best friend, the only other woman on the ship, is avoiding her. It doesn’t help that her interactions with Eric leave her reeling.

The endgame of the SEALs' mission is so secret, even Sara doesn’t know the reason behind her mandated participation. Soon, though, the training missions become real, and Sara must overcome her fears before they plunge her into danger. When Sara’s life is on the line, can she find her true self again and follow the orders of her heart before it is too late?

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 1 (Tuesday, 6:45 pm)Shakespeare​​ ReadingsFree and open to the public. Come read a part, or listen and enjoy, All's Well That Ends Well

Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse, 835 W. Harbor Drive, Suite C, San Diego; (619) 232-4855;

September 1 (Tuesday, 6:30 pm)Adventures by the Book™ is pleased to present a Book Club Dinner Adventure with New York Times bestselling author Juliet Blackwell, as she launches her new novel, The Paris Key, at Bagatelle Café & Bistro, 7094 Miramar Road #122, San Diego 92121. The event is ticketed at $40 per person and is open to the public.

About the Event: Ooh la la, are you ready for a bit of Parisian culture right here in San Diego? Then you won’t want to miss our next Book Club Dinner Adventure with Blackwell. Your Adventure includes dinner, beverage, tax, gratuity, book discussion, Q&A, book signing, and the opportunity to meet the author up close and personal in an intimate and fun setting. And, if you purchase a signed book, save $5 on your dinner!

About the Author: Juliet Blackwell, known to millions of readers as Julie Goodson-Lawes (of Haunted Home Renovation Series and Witchcraft Mystery Series fame) will enchant and rivet in her upcoming novel, The Paris Key. Leading readers into the journey of a divorcée leaving behind her hollow life in the States and returning to Paris, Genevieve Martin hopes to rediscover her sense of self. Even as she adjusts to life in France, family secrets loom around her and threaten to change her life forever. Blackwell delivers unique but relatable characters in this poignant novel that is sure to intrigue and delight readers.

For media requests or review copies, please contact Danielle Dill at (212) 366-2155 or at

September 1 (Tuesday, 6:00 pm)Ooh la la, are you ready for a bit of Parisian culture right here in San Diego? Then attend Adventures by the Book’s Book Club Dinner Adventure with New York Times-bestselling author Juliet Blackwell as she launches her new book, The Paris Key. Juliet, known to mystery readers for her Art Lover, Witchcraft, and Haunted Home Renovation mysteries, embarks on a mainstream fiction exploration of the City of Lights and one woman’s adventures there, as she reinvents herself. Register for the event via the Adventures by the Book website.

As a girl, Genevieve Martin spent the happiest summer of her life in Paris, learning the delicate art of locksmithing at her uncle s side. But since then, living back in the States, she has become more private, more subdued. She has been an observer of life rather than an active participant, holding herself back from those around her, including her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Paris never really left Genevieve, and, as her marriage crumbles, she finds herself faced with an incredible opportunity: return to the magical city of her youth to take over her late uncle s shop. But as she absorbs all that Parisian culture has to offer, she realizes the city also holds secrets about her family that could change her forever, and that locked doors can protect you or imprison you, depending on which side of them you stand.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 2 (Wednesday, 6:00 pm)Join us in celebrating the release of Firewalker by Josephine Angelini at Mysterious Galaxy! Her newest novel takes off right where her bestselling Trial by Fire left off. Lily Proctor has escaped the pyre that almost took her life and is ready to live a quiet life with Rowan outside of the magical and witch-hunting alternative world of Salem. But hiding her powers from society is the least of her problems when Lilith, the ruler of the 13 Cities, is doing everything in her power to bring Lily back. Guest host Mary Pearson provides insights, drawing from her own complex political, social, and relationship issues in her novels, including July’s The Heart of Betrayal.

Back in her own universe and ready to start a new life with Rowan by her side, Lily finds she has more difficulties ahead than just keeping her magic hidden since Lillian, ruthless ruler of the Thirteen Cities, is determined that Lily will come back to the alternate Salem, no matter what it takes.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 2 (Wednesday, 7:30 pm)Alex Dolan joins us with his debut novel, The Euthanist. Described as “one of the most promising debuts since Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects” (Transgress Magazine), Dolan’s psychological thriller explores the controversial topic of death with dignity while giving readers a dark, fast paced journey that will keep you thinking long after the final page. Dolan is a California based writer and musician, as well as a committee member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Litquake festival.

A young woman helps to end the lives of people with terminal diseases, her reasons her own. When she helps the wrong person, she will be roped into a plot to gain vengeance on behalf of dozens. Her journey will make her question everything she ever thought she knew about herself. And the last life she ends may be her own.

They know her as Kali. She is there to see them off into the afterlife with kindness, with efficiency, and with two needles. She s been a part of the right-to-die movement for years, an integral member, complicit in the deaths of twenty-seven men and women, all suffering from terminal illnesses. And she just helped the wrong patient.

Leland Moon has been with the Bureau for his entire career, but even as a respected agent, he was unable to keep his own son from being kidnapped on his way to school. When his boy finally came home, he told terrifying stories of his captors, and his nightmares haven't stopped since.

Moon draws Kali into his mission, a mesmerizing cat-and-mouse game with two ruthless predators one behind bars, one free who hold the secrets that could bring comfort to the families of their victims. This powerful journey towards grace and towards peace will force both Leland and Kali to question everything they believe to be true and just.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 3 (Thursday, 7:30 pm)Father John O’Malley and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden, the stars of the Wind River Reservation Mysteries series, are back in their nineteenth outing, Margaret Coel’s The Man Who Fell from the Sky, along with a legendary figure from the American West. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly noted, “Coel smoothly blends (Butch) Cassidy lore with the moving tale of complex family relationships, including those of outsiders Father John and Vicky.” Rumors persist that the famous outlaw buried some of his treasure on the Wind River Reservation – and someone believes in the truth of the rumor enough to commit murder.

When Robert Walking Bear's body is found in the Wind River mountains, his death appears to be accidental except for the fact that he had been hunting for Butch Cassidy s buried loot with a map he had gotten from his grandfather, a map believed to have been drawn by the leader of the Hole in the Wall gang himself.

It isn t long before rumors circulate that Robert was murdered by his own cousins to get the map and find the treasure themselves. Despite there being no evidence of foul play, the gossip gains credibility when both Vicky and Father John are contacted by an anonymous Arapaho claiming to have witnessed Robert s killing.

When one of Robert s cousins falls prey to another deadly accident, Vicky and Father John are convinced the victim is the witness who confided in them, and the hunt for the killer is on in earnest before more die in search of Cassidy's cache.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 3 (Thursday, 9:30 pm)Rebels and Imperial loyalists are invited to our Galaxy for the midnight launch of Star Wars®: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, sure to offer the best insights into everything diehard fans have wondered about the Star Wars® universe, as they prepare for the advent of “Star Wars®: The Force Awakens,” premiering on December 18. Our festive evening will include photo opportunities, The Imperial Sands Garrison, a coloring station and activity sheets, two family-friendly trivia rounds, and a session with moderators Sarah and Richard, hosts of the popular “Skywalking Through Neverland” podcast, interviewing the authors, leading up to a climactic book signing when the books go on sale at midnight! Giveaways include Star Wars®: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know posters, assorted Star Wars® bookmarks, sticker sheets, DK Star Wars® “Be A Rebel. Read A Book.” t-shirts & tote bags, and other wonderful prizes.

Michael Kogge is an American screenwriter and author who has written for several Star Wars projects, and three books in the Star Wars Rebels series, Rise of the Rebels, The Rebellion Begins, and Droids in Distress, as well as an original epic comic, Empire of the Wolf. Cole Horton is a 20th century historian and longtime member of the Star Wars community, and has served as historian for Cole is active in the Star Wars fan community as an R2 Builder, member of the 501st Legion, and occasional collector. Adam Bray, travel writer, journalist, explorer, and adventurer, is a contributor to 40 books on travel in Southeast Asia and called a ‘Modern Indiana Jones’ by CNN. Adam is the author of DK’s Star Wars: What Makes a Monster? and Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide. Authoress and Artiste Cecil Castellucci is well known to Mysterious Galaxy readers. Very little is known about her new middle grade novel, Star Wars®: Journey to The Force Awakens: Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure, except that the warrior princess is featured front and center!

Star Wars(r): Absolutely Everything You Need to Know is crammed with weird and wonderful "Star Wars" trivia, strange-but-true facts and fascinating "Did you know?" Q&As via a highly engaging infographic design. Find out who cleans the floors of the Death Stars and what takes 1,000 years to digest its victims! From movie-making trivia to quirky facts you never knew, this guide will excite new and old fans alike of "Star Wars Rebels ," "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the "Star Wars" movies I-VI.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 6 (Sunday, 12:00 pm)Weekend with Locals Program we will be hosting Susan A. LeBron author of No Fig Leaves Allowed.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 8 (Tuesday, 12noon)A Journey of Discovery: Raymond M. Wong was a lonely and resentful man before going on a trip to Hong Kong in 1996. He met a father, encountered his family, and discovered a new world, one of forgiveness and compassion, in a city he had abandoned for nearly three decades. He will discuss his award-winning memoir, I’m Not Chinese: The Journey from Resentment to Reverence.

Fallbrook Village Rotary Club: Fallbrook Library, 124 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028. E-mail: Karen Utley at or (760 pm) 731-7321. Site:

September 8 (Tuesday, 10:00 am)Come enjoy free coffee, scones, and book recommendations from a Warwick's Bookseller!

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 9 (Wednesday, 7:00 pm)San Diego Book Discussion Group.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 9 (Wednesday, 7:30 pm)Warwick's is hosting Alephonsion and Benson Deng with Judy Bernstein to present the special tenth anniversary edition of their revolutionary and eye-opening memoir, They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky. This event is free and open to the public. Reserved Seating is available. Only books purchased from Warwick's will be signed.

This is the tenth anniversary edition of the stunning literary survival story of three young Sudanese boys, two brothers and a cousin hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a moving, beautifully written account, by turns warm and tender.

Between 1987 and 1989, Alepho, Benjamin, and Benson, like tens of thousands of young boys, took flight from the massacres of Sudan's civil war. They became known as the Lost Boys. With little more than the clothes on their backs, sometimes not even that, they streamed out over Sudan in search of refuge. Their journey led them first to Ethiopia and then, driven back into Sudan, toward Kenya. They walked nearly one thousand miles, sustained only by the sheer will to live.

They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky is the three boys account of that unimaginable journey. With the candor and the purity of their child's-eye-vision, Alephonsian, Benjamin, and Benson recall by turns: how they endured the hunger and strength-sapping illnesses: dysentery, malaria, and yellow fever; how they dodged the life-threatening predators: lions, snakes, crocodiles and soldiers alike, that dogged their footsteps; and how they grappled with a war that threatened continually to overwhelm them. Their story is a lyrical, captivating, timeless portrait of a childhood hurled into wartime and how they had the good fortune and belief in themselves to survive.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 10 (Thursday, 7:30 pm)Warwick's is hosting the #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel James Brow to present his young readers edition of The Boys in the Boat. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended Diablo Valley College, the University of California at Berkeley, and UCLA. His primary interest as a writer is in bringing compelling historical events to life as vividly and accurately as he can. This event is free and open to the public. Reserved Seating is available. Only books purchased from Warwick's will be signed. This is the beloved story about the Greatest Generation freshly adapted for the next generation.

Berlin, 1936. The Olympic finals of the eight-oared rowing race. Germany, Italy, USA. The American boat touches the finish line first, beating all odds and sending Hitler away in a silent rage. In the midst of the Great Depression, the nine rowers showed the world what true grit really meant. They were western, working-class boys who never expected to beat the elite teams of the East Coast and Great Britain, yet they did. At the center of the tale is Joe Rantz, whose personal struggle and ultimate triumph captures the spirit of his generation, the one that would prove in the coming years that the Nazis could not prevail over American determination and optimism.

This deeply emotional yet easily accessible middle-grade adaptation of the New York Times bestselling The Boys in the Boat shows readers how we can find hope in the most desperate of times.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 11 (Friday, 7:30 pm)Twenty-two-year-old Stephanie Diaz wrote her debut dystopian novel, Extraction, when she was a film student at San Diego State University. Now the action-packed trilogy comes to a close with the release of Evolution and we’re thrilled to host her launch party. Clementine and Logan’s world is on the brink of destruction and they have no choice but to retreat to the Core. Unfortunately, this means Clementine and Logan must form a tentative alliance with their sworn enemy but it’s the only way for the rebels to survive. Don’t miss this pulse-pounding conclusion to a gripping series that fans of The Hunger Games will love.

Clementine's world is on the brink of destruction. An army of aliens from the distant planet Marden has arrived with a massive fleet of battleships, intent on finally putting an end to the war Kiel's old rulers initiated. With the Alliance headquarters reduced to rubble and one of the rebel leaders close to death, Clementine and her friends have no choice but to retreat to the Core to escape the alien ships attacking the Surface.

But safety in the Core means forming a temporary alliance with their sworn enemy, Commander Charlie. He's a ruthless man and a liar, but striking a bargain with him – his pardon in exchange for their help defeating the Mardenites – is the only way the rebels might survive the war. And Charlie needs their help too, for Marden's force is more powerful than anyone anticipated, with weapons and technologies never before seen on Kiel. Unless old feuds can be set aside long enough for a diplomatic solution to be found, all of Kiel's people will be destroyed, and everything Clementine and her friends have sacrificed in their fight for peace will have been for nothing.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 12 (Saturday, 5:30 pm)Warwick’s & USD's College of Arts & Sciences present Salman Rushdie in conversation to discuss his newest novel, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. Tickets are $30.24 & include a copy of the book. Check-in and doors open at 4:45 pm and seating is first-come first-served.

Salman Rushdie is the author of twelve novels—Grimus, Midnight’s Children (for which he won the Booker Prize and the Best of the Booker), Shame, The Satanic Verses, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, The Moor’s Last Sigh, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Fury, Shalimar the Clown, The Enchantress of Florence, Luka and the Fire of Life, and Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights—and one collection of short stories: East, West. He has also published four works of nonfiction: Joseph Anton, The Jaguar Smile, Imaginary Homelands, and Step Across This Line, and co-edited two anthologies, Mirrorwork and Best American Short Stories 2008. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University. A former president of American PEN, Rushdie was knighted in 2007 for services to literature.

Rushdie’s new novel is a wonder tale about the way we live now, a rich and multifaceted work that blends history, mythology, and a timeless love story to bring alive a world – our world – that has been plunged into an age of unreason. Inspired by 2,000 years of storytelling tradition yet rooted in the concerns of our present moment, it is an enduring testament to the power of the imagination.

In the near future, after a storm strikes New York City, the strangenesses begin. A down-to-earth gardener finds that his feet no longer touch the ground. A graphic novelist awakens in his bedroom to a mysterious entity that resembles his own sub–Stan Lee creation. Abandoned at the mayor’s office, a baby identifies corruption with her mere presence, marking the guilty with blemishes and boils. A seductive gold digger is soon tapped to combat forces beyond imagining.

Unbeknownst to them, they are all descended from the whimsical, capricious, wanton creatures known as the jinn, who live in a world separated from ours by a veil. Centuries ago, Dunia, a princess of the jinn, fell in love with a mortal man of reason. Together they produced an astonishing number of children, unaware of their fantastical powers, who spread across generations in the human world.

Inspired by the traditional “wonder tales” of the East, Salman Rushdie’s new novel is satirical and bawdy, full of cunning and folly, rivalries and betrayals, kismet and karma, rapture and redemption.

The location of the talk is the University of San Diego Institute for Peace and Justice Theater, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |

September 12 (Saturday, 4:00 pm)Mysterious Galaxy celebrates the release of Cindy Pon’s newest novel, Serpentine! Inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythology, this sweeping fantasy is set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and tells the coming of age story of Skybright, a young girl who worries about her growing otherness. As she learns of her dark destiny, she must struggle to retain her sense of self – even as she falls in love for the first time. Join us for a fantastic discussion on love, magic, and danger.

Returning to the world of Silver Phoenix (2009), Pon adeptly weaves together fantasy elements and Chinese traditions and folklore in this coming-of-age fantasy. Growing up in Yuan Manor has been good for Skybright, a foundling orphan who was taken in by a wealthy family. Though her role is that of a handmaid to daughter Zhen Ni, the two girls have been best friends since birth. When a seer arrives from the capital, Skybright's future proves to be as murky as her past, with Madame Lo "unable to see her clearly." Soon after, Skybright is shocked one night when she transforms (temporarily) into a serpent demon, "a thick serpent coil snak[ing] behind her, where her legs should have been." With a war between the demons looming, Skybright learns to embrace her demon side, striking a balance between her newfound duties as leader and the normalcy of her previous life. Action, secrets, love, and a search for identity combine in a powerful tale about what ensues when the underworld and the real world collide.   –  Publishers Weekly

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 13 (Sunday, 2:00 pm)In Reed Farrel Coleman’s newest addition to Robert B. Parker’s New York Times bestselling Jesse Stone series, The Devil Wins, a massive storm hits Paradise, and Police Chief Jesse Stone worries about potential storm damage. But when the bodies of two teenage girls are discovered in the wake of the storm, Jesse must dig up secrets of the past that have been buried for over twenty-five years.

William S. Kirby has traveled extensively which inspired him to write his first mystery novel, Vienna, a sexy stylish thriller that follows two women as they plunge into a bizarre love affair amidst high fashion European photo shoots – inspired in part by a Sherlock Holmes short story.

A Nor'easter blows into Paradise and churns up the past in the stunning new addition to Robert B. Parker s "New York Times" bestselling series featuring Police Chief Jesse Stone.

In the wake of a huge storm, three bodies are discovered in the rubble of an abandoned factory building in an industrial part of Paradise known as The Swap. One body, a man s, wrapped in a blue tarp, is only hours old. But found within feet of that body are the skeletal remains of two teenage girls who had gone missing during a Fourth of July celebration twenty-five years earlier. Not only does that crime predate Jesse Stone s arrival in Paradise, but the dead girls were close friends of Jesse s right hand, Officer Molly Crane. And things become even more complicated when one of the dead girls mothers returns to Paradise to bury her daughter and is promptly murdered. It s up to Police Chief Jesse Stone to pull away the veil of the past to see how all the murders are connected.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 13 (Sunday, 12:00 pm)Weekend with Locals Program Warwick’s will be hosting Louise Loria author of, Maggie Gets Her Wish.

For more information regarding the event, please contact Warwick's Books | 7812 Girard Avenue | La Jolla, Ca | 92037 | Ph. (858) 454-0347 | |


Workshops, Classes, Seminars, Book Festivals, Contests and Authors Exhibits

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For a complete list of all the classes & Events for Writers Ink go to:

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September 6 (Sunday, 12:00pm to 3:00pm)The Writers Coffeehouse is open to everyone. The Coffeehouse is a bunch of writers sitting around talking about writing … with coffee. No agenda … just chat about the latest trends in the industry, about the craft of writing, about markets, about pitching and selling, about conquering frustration and defeating writers block, and about all of the good things that come from the community of writers. No previous publishing experience necessary … the Writers Coffeehouse attracts everyone from absolute beginner to award-winners and bestsellers. We're all writers. The Coffeehouse will be a regular event that meets on the first Sunday of every month from noon to 3:00 PM. And join the free Message Board online:

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.

September 11 to 13Writers once again have the opportunity to work on their craft at the Fourth Annual San Diego Writers, Ink Fall For Writing Conference. Pre-registration discounts are available at this affordable writer’s conference.

"Fall for Writing is a great time for aspiring writers to take that first writing class or experienced writers to try a different genre or take a class from a new instructor, " said Kristen Fogle, Executive director of SDWI.

Classes and workshops will cover everything from fiction, memoir and, poetry writing, to collage and marketing classes. The full weekend of classes, workshops, and parties is open for pre-registration now. There will be a kick-off party with a well-known speaker that will be announced at a later date.

The cost is $120 for members or $140 for non-members for up to 10 sessions. At the door it’s $5 more for each or $25 a class. Membership is $35 a year.

The Ink Spot, NTC Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, Suite 202, San Diego. Go to and click on Classes & Workshops.

September 12 (Saturday, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm)Local organization San Diego Writers, Ink, nurtures writers and fosters a literary community by serving as a hub for the literary community, promoting literature, providing artistic development for writers at all levels, and facilitating artistic collaboration through writing & reading groups and classes & workshops. Presenters include: Tammy Greenwood, Mark O'Bannon, Judy Reeves, Lisa Kessler, Carlos de los Rios, Marni Freedman, Jill G. Hall, and Jenny Lane. MG will pop-up at the conference on Saturday with a selection of recommended writing guides.

For more information and to sign up please visit the San Diego Writers, Ink website.

Mysterious Galaxy, 5943 Balboa Ave, Suite 100, San Diego. For additional information, go to or call (858) 268-4747.


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