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By Kathy Carpenter

October 11, 2020 (San Diego) - 2020 is a history making year, one historians will be documenting for years. But as much as times change, they stay the same. Almost a hundred and twenty years ago Teddy Roosevelt faced the same struggles we are facing today including bullying, racism and riots.

The Roustabouts Theatre Company, fairly new to the San Diego theatre community, has moved into digital media like some of the others in town. From October 10 - November 2, 2020. they are streaming Roosevelt: Charge The Bear.  A new one man play by Phil Johnson & Marni Freedman, starring Phil Johnson.

With a compelling, storytelling plot, phenomenal actor Phil Johnson has you believing you are in the room with Theodore Roosevelt himself, glued to each word, as he tells his story. The plot is the story of the new President Roosevelt, as he takes over from President William McKinley,.after McKinley’s assassination.

Roosevelt wrestles with being accepted by his peer and deals with the coal mine strike of 1902, in his early days of taking over as President. The audience remains entranced over his trials and tribulations. Being a leader might seem like a great position to be in, but with leadership comes great responsibility.

The plot does a wonderful job of also blending in some of the facts we do recall of Theodore Roosevelt, him being a Rough Rider, to his rally call of Bully! The play is for those with a love of history, one man shows, or tremendous acting.

Take a break from Netflix and learn from history. Check out for more info. The show is ninety minutes without a break. One drawback at least for me, I watched on my phone and if you get knocked off you have to start over.

Coming next, the Roustabouts will present:

A new play by Mahshid Fashandi Hager

November 14-December 13

Directed by Fran Gercke

Starring Jessica John

No Way Back is the true story of one family’s desperate escape out of Iran in 1981. We watch through the eyes of ten-year-old Mahshid as her country is cast into revolution, turmoil, and war. Her family’s secret escape out of the country will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last scene.