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By Miriam Raftery

April 18, 2018 (San Diego) – San Diego County ranks an “F” on the American Lung Association’s Report Card on the state of the air you breathe.   Nationwide, the city of San Diego, along with Carlsbad, also ranked the 6th worst cities in the nation for ozone pollution, out of 227 metropolitan areas studied.

Ozone causes serious lung and cardiovascular problems including asthma, pulmonary diseases, and heart attacks. Exposure to ozone is also linked to stroke and premature death.

The report looked at pollution levels from 2014 to 2016. Ozone pollution had worsened significantly over the prior report. American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer explains why ozone levels are on the rise. “Near record-setting heat from our changing climate has resulted in dangerous levels of ozone in many cities across the country, making ozone an urgent health threat for millions of Americans.” 

Ozone pollution is most apt to occur on warm, sunny days when smog forms and is trapped close to the earth, made worse from chemicals in vehicle emissions and industrial air pollution.

Eight of the worst 10 cities for ozone pollution are in California. If not for California’s strict pollution laws, the problem would be even worse, health experts say.

San Diego fared far better on other forms of air pollution. Our region didn’t make the list of the two dozen worst polluted areas for year-round and short-term particle pollution.  Particle pollution has dropped nationwide, though that trend is likely to be reversed soon under the Trump administration’s recently announced plan to roll back regulations under the Clean Air Act that led to those reductions in air pollution.

Based on the data in its new report, the Lung Association is urging Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end their threats to the nation’s air quality and protect American’s health. 

If you’re wondering where the cleanest air in America can be found, the top cities on the list are Bellingham, Washington; Burlington, Vermont; Casper, Wyoming; Honolulu, Hawaii; Melbourne, Florida and Wilmington, North Carolina.


THE AIR WE BREATHE... polluted in many ways, and not fully understood by many people. It is saturated with toxins which do cause serious harm to humans, animals, even plant life. Plenty of valid information is available to read, if one chooses to do so. The naysayers will always debate issues they seem to have little knowledge of just to stir up controversy. Even when their eyes are burning, and have trouble breathing, many will still be in warped denial.

Quick correction

Air Particles don't look like fog..... When you see that nice orange red like suns set in the afternoon, Guess what? It's V.O.C.s Volital Organic Compounds. From Paint Stains, Charcoals grills wood burning and COW Farts! ( had to put that in ) yes Cars. I always say to my Bride no it's not a pretty Sun Set Love it's air pollution.

You're confusing particulate pollution with ozone/smog.

Particulates, such as those caused by wildfires or burning from grills or industrial sources, do create colorful sunsets.

Smog/ozone is not colorful, though may take on a hazy brownish hue.  The photo is a stock photography agency's photo labeled as smog.

Hysteria Photo Please...

That Photo is Hysteria by the Media and ECM. Please... Be truthful with the facts and not broadcast fake photos of what looks like SMOG but is just FOG. The air is bad in ALPINE late at night in summer with out winds from the drivers in San Diego. History was once APLINE was Once a place to find fresh air for those suffering. Then Gold rush and the population exploded... That was the end of tuberculosis patients and they left for Arizona. You can search for air quality readings on google , a worker for the county drives all the way to the Anaz Borrego desert region each day and takes readings for water temperature and air pollution from those little concrete huts you see here and there. You can follow him from his HAM Radio broadcasts. ( Mostly to let his wife know is is ok. ) . What East coast Magazine is trying to do is stir up the pot.... As folks that live in Alpine and surrounding areas should be riding Bikes or taking the BUS to work. It's a liberal thought that is never going to work but they want to TAX you for not doing so. Shame on your ECM for the photo!

Wrong. It's a stock photography photo labeled as SMOG

that we found by searching for "smog" photos. Why would you think it was fog? It also looks like the smog that I had to drive through regularly when I lived briefly in LA, until I actually passed out from the smog and had to be revived by paramedics.  That was enough for me and I moved away sooon after, but certainly experienced first hand how dangerous smog can be.

It is sad  that the air in Alpine is not pure as it used to be.

Also our name is East County Magazine, not East Coast Magazine.