East County food banks



“The urgency is great and we require your help to meet this need in our community”—Alpine Food Bank

July 4, 2011 (Alpine)—The Alpine Food Bank reports a “significant increase” in need, according to a press release seeking donations of funds and food.


“Our economy over the last few years has been struggling, leaving many families barely scraping by to make ends meet. These people, who come from all walks of life and economic backgrounds, have one thing in common, the need to provide the basic necessity of food for their family,” says a statement issued by the Alpine Food Bank, a new partnership between Bethel Christian Assembly and the San Diego Food Bank to help those who are hungry in our backcountry areas.



Need for emergency food boxes has more than doubled in the past year at Salvation Army Kroc Center 


October 28, 2009 (San Diego)—"So far, thanks to the generosity of San Diegans, The Salvation Army Kroc Center has been able to meet the increasing need for emergency food assistance in the surrounding community. But as the need continues to rise, our pantry is in desperate need of restocking," a press release issued today warns.


In October of 2008, 40 families came to The Salvation Army Kroc Center’s Family Services Department needing emergency food boxes to help feed 136 people. In October of this year, that number more than doubled, with 94 families requesting emergency food to feed 416 people. Right now, the Salvation Army Kroc Center has barely enough food to get through this next month.