October 11, 2012 --  (San Diego’s East County) – ECM World Watch helps you be an informed citizen about important issues globally and nationally. As part of our commitment to reflecting all voices and views, we include links to a wide variety of news sources representing a broad spectrum of political, religious, and social views. Top world and U.S. headlines include:


  • Mitt Romney's Climate Change Remarks On 'Meet The Press' Outrage Environmental Activists 
  • Meningitis-linked steroid may have been responsible for 13,000 cases in US (Reuters)
  • Meningitis outbreak: steroid maker recalls all shots (Med Page Today)
  • NY 9/11 judge okays$6 billion vs. Iran, Taliban, Al Qaeda (UT San Diego)
  • Should TV stations refuse to air political ads that make false claims? (NPR)
  • Supreme Court to hear Monsanto seed dispute (Huffington Post)
  • Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril (Wall Street Journal Market Watch)


  • Drug ‘may’ prevent stroke damage (BBC)
  • Libyan leader passes vote of no confidence dismissing leader (Reuters)
  • Egypt’s hard-line Islamist party unravels (UT San Diego)
  • Gauging poverty from Appalachia to Africa (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Hamas election boycott leaves Palestinians with only one choice (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Israel strikes Gaza after exchange of air strikes (Christian Science Monitor)
  • France’s Hollande vows more security to allay Jewish fears (Reuters)

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