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Creative East County Wedding Venues For Your Dream Ceremony


 By Richard Darvas


May 9, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) -- How many childhood fantasies stretch into adulthood, relatively unchanged? For many, wedding day is the holy grail of making dreams come true. Yet how many couples opt for a trendy wedding replete with clichés and high-dollar kitsch, only to later regret not choosing to stroll down an unbeaten aisle?  


Romance is not manufactured, nor delivered via assembly line. For memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime, why not select an idyllic setting that isn’t cookie cutter? Many betrothed couples are unaware of the serene mountain retreats, lush wineries, country ranches and exotic savannahs in San Diego’s eastern region. Whether your heart’s desire is a grand affair or an intimate occasion, you’ll find a wealth of unique venues for your dream ceremony in East County.


Here are our picks for East County's most romantic wedding venues: